A lot of rumor has been trending in the market related to E-Learning concept lately in education field which is grabbing the attention in the industry. Indian education market is booming lately with rapid speed. 

As per the research conducted by KPMG in India and Google on E-Learning in India, Online education industry or E-Learning Industry will be a 1.96 billion dollars industry by 2021”. Around 28 crore students are going to enroll to schools by 2021 and more than 75 crore Indians would be using Internet which is second highest behind China. 

So, coming years would see increase in online education 

The E-Learning segment is all set to become a multi-million dollar gateway in India. There are many factors that drive the growth of E-Learning industry into next level of education including personalized learning through online channels, convenience and increased reach. 

 Top 5 E-Learning Companies in India

 1. V K Creative Learning - For the past few years the company has been providing E-Learning services that is cost effective and art of creating pedagogical learning. It has been providing lot of features and combinations that are fit for the institutions and the organizations requirements. Some of the features are:-

a) Custom E-Learning Solutions- Our dedicated team use the latest technologies, such as virtual AR/VR, comprising of 3D effects, multimedia, animation, and employ best learning techniques like self-paced learning and blended learning to crack complicated concepts into simple and smaller understandable portions.

b) VR/AR LearningVK Creative Learning has best AR-VR E-Learning Solutions and proved to be the global player in designing and developing learning solutions using latest AR / VR techniques. 

c) Rapid Authoring Tools- VK Creative Learning, an expert in E-Learning domain can help you to build an attractive content at your timeline, using a host of top-end rapid development authoring tools. Our Rapid Learning Development solution mixes video sessions with games and assignments and meets global norms.

d) Corporate E-Learning Solutions- VK Creative Learning pointed out the facts and introduced corporate eLearning solution that is deeply circumstantial; reality-based, and includes latest procedures. To ensure that learners understand the course content easily, we divide big course into small understandable learning modules

2. Zeus LearningE-Learning company based in Mumbai. They provide E-Learning services like custom LMS and CMS, application development, flash application programming, art design and animation.

3. eNyota Learning- Another India based E-Learning company that deliver training, E-Learning solutions, E-Learning course material for instructor.

4. The Boston GroupThey create custom online content and courseware. They provide services in management training, product training, Employee Induction. They also have syllabus library.

5. Upside Learning- They were incorporated in 2004 and offer a wide range of solutions and E-Learning services including mLearning solutions, blended learning solutions, rapid E-Learning development, maintenance and support services.

VK Creative Learning matches the general norms by making our course consistent to SCORM or AICC. We also use Tin Can API. These standards ensure we offer valuable and outstanding content to our users and they also allow both portability and concurrence.

Posted on: January 26, 2020