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Game-Based Learning Examples


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Let's face it, sometimes, traditional forms of training sessions or even classroom lectures can turn out to be more like never-ending repetitive, and monotonous journeys. Hence, it is obvious that participants -- be they students or even professionals -- can feel demotivated when bombarded with content with plain text and numbers for an extended period of time. This can certainly hinder their knowledge retention capabilities and highly impact the learning outcomes.

Here's where game-based learning examples (game-based eLearning solutions consisting of numerous examples) which are part of VKCL's eLearning courseware turn out to be a splendid and pioneering solution! Wondering why so -- the answer lies in the fact that it replaces those dry lectures with something interactive by nature with multiple examples to explore. Yes, you got it right, it contains games based on several types of examples (game-based learning examples) pertaining to a concept. When participants engage themselves in such form of learning process through examples and games that are fun and immersive, earning rewards and points, they feel encouraged to learn more. Plus, it helps them to remember what they have learned -- a vital aspect of any learning methodology.


Customized eLearning: VKCL's Game-based Learning Examples Course Options

VKCL provides different types of game-based learning courses so as to cater to different types of students at different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), explained hereunder:

  • Beginner's Level: This is ideally suited for those learners who want to get acquainted with a fresh topic or a new concept. A perfect game-based learning example of this type would be a student who is afraid of the history subject but feels comfortable exploring the historical era through games having multiple example scenarios. Similarly, new joiners can grasp marketing fundamentals when games plus examples are combined together -- can be on lead generation and selling techniques in a memorable way.
  • Intermediate Level: This is perfect for those who have some idea about certain concepts or topics but want to build upon the existing knowledge. For instance, game-based learning for education or the workplace precisely does this by presenting different interactive example scenarios -- slightly of higher level -- established on existing information. Precisely explained, a student can be asked to map cell organelle according to their function while a human resource professional may be given a task to come up with measures to resolve current workplace conflicts. This level of learning, substantially, makes individuals to gather more information and exceed their current limitations.
  • Advanced Level: This is helpful for those who want to master their existing knowledge or take it to a pinnacle level. Through game-based learning examples, both students and working professionals get to involve themselves in problem-solving and example-based scenarios through the use of critical thinking skills. For instance, students may have to test hypotheses through a specific game-based example experiment while a project manager has to come out with a strategy so as to make optimum use of existing resources.


Key Features

One of the distinguishing aspects about game-based learning examples is that students or even aspirant professionals can master any form of complex information as multiple examples are presented and learners are asked to explore each example case by case. Incorporating this aspect, here is how VKCL's virtual platform's features (explained hereunder) turn a passive experience into an active one.

Benefits of VKCL's Game-Based Learning Examples Courseware

Making Learning Interesting: Knowledge absorption is no more a monotonous exercise when it involves certain interesting elements that capture the imagination and curiosity of the learners. Specifically put, when the knowledge seekers are provided with an interactive gaming world wherein they are asked to solve puzzles formulated on certain examples or competing with their friends, learners feel more engrossed in the learning journey. VKCL's game-based learning examples course incorporates these captivating knowledge-boosting features, and hence, delivers an immersive environment to make learning interesting.

Level Up Your Skills Like Never Before: Unless there is a progression system that pushes the learners by rewarding them with points and badges, there would not be any fun for the knowledge seekers. Importantly, what this does is: it helps them to conquer new challenges -- unlock new levels, and gain valuable skills along the way as new examples related to a subject matter are provided and examined in tests. Such an approach also gives them a feeling that they have accomplished something big as they reach a new milestone every time in their learning journey.

Learning Tailored to Your Playstyle: Everybody has a different style of learning and VKCL is very much familiarized with this fact. Hence, it tailors its game-based learning examples methodology with the help of interactive visuals (for visual learners); incorporates engaging narratives (for auditory learners), and includes practical activities through simulations (for kinesthetic learners) in its eLearning courseware.

Stay Curious, Stay Engaged: Be it students or professionals, none of them should see learning as another chore burdened on them. Thus, VKCL's game-based learning examples courseware integrates games with visuals of myriad of examples pertaining to a topic along with a storyline and interactive tasks to make gaining of new insights comfortable and fun.

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