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6 Workable Strategies for Creating Engaging eLearning Content

October 15, 2022 news banner 248

If you want to develop a memorable eLearning course, it is important that you understand the relevance of structure and engaging content, keeping your target audience in mind. The idea of creating structured and engaging content depends upon the process of planning learning objectives and creating a valuable learning experience for the learners based on the objectives. This learner-centric approach would help you to achieve specific and measurable learning goals and offer an engaging experience for the learners. Learners may immerse themselves in the eLearning material if their individual learning demands have been addressed and they find the content in the eLearning solution useful, as the newly added information would maximize their potential for further growth.

Best strategies for developing engaging and compelling eLearning content 

Given below are some of the best and workable strategies that you can employ while developing eLearning content. These strategies are used by most eLearning development companies while creating eLearning solutions.

1. Know your target audience - i.e., the learners.

This is the first step you need to take - know your target audience. Unless you have some knowledge about the kind of learner who will be going through your eLearning material, you won't be able to tailor the content according to their needs precisely. Importantly, you won't be able to connect with your learning audience, as the eLearning content will be different from what they are expecting.

Thus, it is very essential for you to understand your target audience; learners’ educational background; their learning abilities and behavior; and the kind of content structure they would prefer. This would aid to develop a memorable eLearning experience for them.

One of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind is that not all learners will be tech-savvy so you need to create an interface in your eLearning solution that would be easy to understand and use.

2. Use of animations, videos, and images for better understanding

Design or package your content in a way that pleases the eyes and makes comprehension of complex concepts easy. Most companies have valuable and meaningful content but having it in the right format with visually appealing content matters a lot. 

To make the content visually appealing, add videos, animations, simulations, and as many images as possible to support your text content. Unless you make an effort to make the content attractive and help the learners to visualize the content, the learners may not find your content interesting.

The use of animation, videos, and images helps learners to better understand and fully comprehend the concepts that you are trying to explain. So leave no stone unturned when it comes to the explanation of the content and ensure that all the pieces of content are related to one another through the visual content along with the text explanation.

3. Use of real-world scenarios

To deliver effective learning, you may want to include real-world scenarios as examples to explain some concept or a complex situation that a professional may come across in the workplace.

With various types of real-world scenarios included in your eLearning content, the learners will be able to relate to the taught concepts easily. More importantly, the use of real-world examples in the workplace helps the employees to understand how exactly a work should be carried out or implemented efficiently.

With such an approach, you can ensure that even the new recruits have the required understanding to start the work efficiently from day one. 

Providing learners with real-world context also ensures easier retention. They're able to connect on the ground situations, as they have been already trained about it through an eLearning course and hence, they are able to do a task more efficiently. Additionally, employees will be in a better position to anticipate and sort out anything kind of problems that they may face during work in the future.

4. Interactive technology and gamification integration

The use of technology in eLearning may facilitate learning for students. Providing learners with engaging visual stimuli may increase their recall by capturing their attention. By incorporating points or a leveling system that learners may compete for, gamification can be used to convey knowledge in a manner that fosters a feeling of healthy rivalry among learners. In addition, the usage of simulations allows learners to engage with the learning environment, get experience with on-the-floor duties, and gain more hands-on learning. This is particularly beneficial for trainees operating in high-risk environments, such as emergency medical services.

5. Educate learners about essential abilities and teach them how to use them

Valuable and essential abilities are those required to fulfill tasks in the workplace. But what are the most important eLearning training skills? The term ‘skills’ changes from course to course and learning environment to the learning context.

Assess the performance of your potential trainees and fix any shortcomings in their learning abilities. Create eLearning course programs that focus on real-world solutions and provide instruction in areas where learners lack the necessary knowledge and skills.

Improving return on investment is a top priority, therefore make sure your eLearning courses are well-aligned with performance gaps. For the same reason, you might refresh your course with the aid of subject matter experts. Maximize their involvement by stressing "activity" above course-required knowledge.

6. Make use of cloud computing

E-learning solutions can best serve your interest when you make full use of technologies, such as versatile cloud platforms. eLearning providers usually develop content and enable a feature in an eLearning solution to upload the content to the cloud. This allows all employees to access the content whenever they want.  Thus, employees, located in any part of the world, can go through content from the place they want and as per their convenience.

If you are looking out for a reliable content provider who would incorporate the above features in your eLearning content, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) can be a good option. With more than 10 years of experience in developing customized eLearning solutions, VKCL has perfected the art of creating engaging eLearning content.

October 15, 2022