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A wide variety of international standards that adheres to develop best possible e-learning courseware for an organization

February 08, 2021 news banner 101

Developing content for e-learning solutions that takes care of both learning pace and learning style of the learners matters a lot. Unless these criteria are fulfilled, the learners; especially, professionals who have to balance their work-life with training sessions may find it extremely difficult to understand the content. Hence, a company’s business objectives and productivity may suffer as up-gradation of the professionals’ knowledge and skills may not happen at a fast pace. Thus, an organisation must approach an e-learning development company for creating e-learning courseware which takes care of various aspects of the content.  This measure would motivate the learners to upgrade themselves without giving a second thought of quitting the training e-learning courseware midway.

Various criteria that VKCL pays special attention to

VK Creative Learning is an e-learning development company which has been in the e-learning space for more than 10 years and has a vast experience of creating a wide variety of e-learning content for corporate organisations, IT companies, industrial organisations, schools, and universities. Given below are the factors that VKCL pays special attention to while creating an e-learning solution for the organisations. 

  1. Experience: VKCL has an experienced set of content developers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); multimedia experts, and various industry experts as it believes “expertise” of an e-learning development company matters the most. Without relevant experience and knowledge, the final e-learning solution may fail to match the expectations of the training purpose.
  2. Getting to know the requirements: VKCL believes unless the specific requirements of an organisation with ETA for the training purpose is thoroughly understood and incorporated in the e-learning courseware, the e-learning content may not serve the purpose. 
  3. Engaging content: e-learning development companies in India discovered that content becomes engaging when it is easy to comprehend. Hence VKCL not only focuses on making simplified content by incorporating animation and lecture videos by the industry experts in e-learning courseware but also makes it engaging by including real-world work scenarios, examples, and different industrial processes to render deep understanding to the learners. 
  4. Sticking to the best standards for content development: Unless the certain global set of standards for content are incorporated during content creation such as TINCAN, AICC, and SCORM, the content may not be of the highest quality. Hence, VKCL adheres to them as far as possible. 
  5. Team and talent VKCL has an ambitious squad of the team comprising project managers, content developers, instructional designers, visual designers, multimedia experts, and quality auditors. They all work towards a common goal of providing appealing and absorbing content in the e-learning courseware. Further, quizzes and track progress features are included in the e-learning solution. These features help to render in-depth learning to the learners. Engaging eLearning videos come very handily when induction of new talent happens in an organization or a professional has to upgrade his skills.
  6. Content at a budget-friendly cost: VKCL believes in creating content at an organisation's budget-friendly price. Having said this, VKCL never creates content at the cheapest rate which would be least helpful for the training. The idea is developing the best content at an economical cost which would suit an organisation’s budget rather than creating low-quality content at the cheapest price in the market. 


February 08, 2021