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Are e-learning solutions the future of education systems

November 15, 2019 news banner 7

Of late, with the emerging technologies and internet popularity, there has been a huge surge in the number of students purchasing educational videos to understand application of concepts in the real world. In fact, there has been an increased traffic on the websites displaying free educational videos, and download of applications containing a myriad of videos. Not surprisingly, the smart education software market is estimated to rise at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 16.76% from 2016 to 2020.

As per Technavio’s market research analysis, the global e-learning market may touch CAGR of about 18% by 2020. This impressive and selling market growth may challenge and transform the traditional learning methodologies. Constant innovative and compelling graphic-studded content; interactive learning; simulations; versatile tools; fast delivery mechanism, and disparate virtual learning tools will become major facets of the growth of the e-learning market.

The study also speculated that, by 2020, North American region would cross 55% mark of the total market share. The factors behind this rise are the presence of strong IT infrastructure; faculty support; demand for engaging content development; supporting services, and rapidly evolving advanced teaching practices in the educational sectors. Furthermore, the growth is bolstered by the substantial increase in the online learning courses enrollment around the globe especially in India, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, US, and the UK.

To add to these, e-learning comprises of a host of learning solutions such as self-paced learning; blended learning; AR/VR learning and customized learning solutions. The choice to pick a learning solution as per the uptake level; learning convenience, and learning style makes e-learning the preferred choice for learning.

VK Creative Learning, a vastly experienced player in the e-learning market, has been part of this evolutionary change. It offers e-learning solutions right from custom learning to mobile learning to rapid authoring to instructor-led learning to AR/VR learning solutions. Known for its industry experts, leaner-oriented and engaging solutions, and swift delivery cycle, it has become one of the best organizations in the e-learning space.

November 15, 2019