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Varied Benefits of Using Animation and Microlearning in E-Learning Solutions

August 26, 2021 news banner 158

Today, the education industry is undergoing a transformation. Technology advances have resulted in the development of e-learning tools to enhance the educational experience for both instructors and students. Educational technology has transformed microlearning material and movies into incredible learning tools.

What is included in K-12 E-learning Video Solutions?

In the simplest terms possible, animated instructional material videos teach various topics to learners. Due to the comprehensive imagery, video solutions facilitate comprehension. They are much more engaging and conceptually successful. They're also convenient since one may download the lecture directly from the platform to their system and view it at their leisure. 

The Process of Creating an eLearning Video Animation:-

The process of creating an e-learning video animation is mostly about establishing a learning aim and an encompassing course objective. 
Scripting: Scripts are essentials it helps the learners to understand the concepts. They are the animator's bones.
Storyboarding:  While the majority of eLearning businesses employ picture-based
descriptions for their storyboards, you shouldn't follow the same trend.  
The first and most critical step is to storyboard and introduces fascinating
storylines to explain the concepts. High-quality graphics along with
audio and narration are a critical component of any effective eLearning animation.

Asset Creation and Animation:

Effective illustrations and captivating visuals bring the animations to life, increasing engagement and enjoyment while learning!
Revisions: Following the storyboarding and video phase, revisions have to be
performed. This ensures that learners regularly revise what they have learned.

Microlearning in e-learning courseware:

K-12 e-learning solutions are becoming more convenient and at the same time, effective when it comes to learning. The phrases "microlearning" and "e-learning" are at the forefront of this educational trend. 

Microlearning is the process of breaking down knowledge into tiny, bite-sized chunks. This facilitates learning since the brain likes to absorb tiny bits of information rather than large volumes. Microlearning e-learning videos, in the form of little morsels of knowledge, makes it simpler to comprehend and remember new information.

Advantages of blending animation with microlearning methodology:-
Various benefits of bringing together animation with microlearning methodology are as follows:

  Increases Student Engagement:-
Animated videos in microlearning form have been shown to be much more effective than text alone. It provides a more engaging multimodal experience via images and sounds. This also aids the learner in comprehending complicated material.
 Saves your money:-
While some may believe the opposite, utilizing videos for learning may really help you save money. With time, videos may eventually replace costly print textbooks and eliminate the necessity for face-to-face interaction with the instructor.

Increased adaptability:-
Students may access e-learning videos at any time and from any location. With internet videos, learning does not have to be confined to a certain location or time.
 Revision of content:-
Additionally, students may revisit the animated videos as many times as necessary. These multiple-time viewing exercises would give them to get a deeper understanding of a topic and commit it to memory.

August 26, 2021