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Best Reasons Why Elearning is The Ideal Solution for Learners With a Short Attention Span

March 15, 2022 news banner 201

Learning has its own share of distractions, which can turn out to be one of the biggest hurdles during the learning process. However, attention spans in learning are influenced by a wide range of factors. For example, you may get distracted if a lot of information is squeezed into two or three lines, without proper explanation. Explanation of the concept with fewer examples or figures can also lead to distraction.

Understanding the concept of attention span

Attention refers to a person's ability to concentrate on a single activity for an extended period of time before being distracted. When our attention is diverted by something or someone else, we get distracted.

What does research on attention span suggest?

The typical web user has an attention span of around 8 to 12 seconds, according to a research study. Does this indicate that it's necessary for learners to see something fresh and fascinating on the screen at least every eight seconds in order to enhance learning? If so, what is the learning solution that may be able to engage learners for a long duration of time?

To keep learners' attention focused, we need an eLearning course with charming elements. Learners may find eLearning solution interesting as it incorporates fascinating elements such as compelling visuals, surprising aspects, interactive elements, and much more.

Why eLearning is the ideal solution for learners with a short attention span?

eLearning solution incorporates all the essential elements that are required for the learners to remain focused on what they are learning. For example, eLearning solution makes use of animation and videos to explain a concept to learners. According to a research study, video is the most effective medium for driving engagement and creating memorable experiences. 

When learning materials are presented as a video or animation, information is retained the majority of the time, but just 10% is retained when presented as text. The emphasis on visual information presented in a variety of time frames is one of the reasons why eLearning courseware has continued to rise in education and corporate training. In addition to animations and videos, an eLearning solution also makes use of other engaging elements which are explained below.

1. Microlearning

In microlearning, information is broken down into "bite-sized" chunks, making it easier to absorb. The typical length of a microlearning module is 2-10 minutes, with the majority of them presenting learning goals in bite-sized chunks. Microlearning may be in the form of brief, basic texts, videos, animation or audio clips, or any combination of these.

2. Flexibility

One of the best aspects of eLearning is that you can access it anytime and from anywhere and it doesn't disappear. For learners, this provides a degree of convenience that in-person lectures can't provide. It is possible to study at your own speed and on your own time using eLearning. Making a personalized learning plan gives students the freedom to choose the time and location that work best for them.

3.  Customization

When studying in a typical classroom setting, students have little say in what is taught and how it is presented to them. On the other hand, eLearning solutions enable students to choose the topics and the forms (animation, simulation, video) they are comfortable learning with. In other words, learners can take control of their own learning via personalized eLearning sessions. Students have quick access to the information through eLearning courseware as when they need it.

4. Specific information

Humans are pickier in how they use their attention due to a shorter attention span. There is an abundance of information available on the internet, ranging from the broadest to the most specific. Having access to so much information is a boon to our dwindling attention spans. It is easier to narrow our attention to certain pieces of information when we have a greater number of possibilities to consider.

Summing up.

It is a known fact that some learners have less attention span. However, as a learner, this can affect the studies or a training session. This is where eLearning solutions offered by reputed and experience eLearning companies such as VK Creative Learning (VKCL) can be of great help. 

Being cognizant of the fact that students require learning materials that can continue to engage their attention, VKCL incorporates various engaging elements such as videos, animations, and simulations with plenty of examples for a concept in its eLearning solution. Importantly, the learning material is presented to the learners in shorter and more digestible chunks to make the learning easy and interesting.

March 15, 2022