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Customized eLearning solutions for training workforce on the handling automated manufacturing machinery

December 10, 2020 news banner 85

Automation of manufacturing processes in a production plant for the majority of the workforce is something most organisations prefer as it cuts down high dependence on the big labour force. Automation also helps to produce large output in less time compared to the manual workforce. This has been observed in large scale companies, medium-sized companies, and small-scale companies. The use of automated machines for creating or making the desired material is gaining a lot of popularity. In India, even temples use cooking machines to produce large quantities of food in less time so that thousands of devotees who throng the temple are served food on time. One of the most popular examples is Shirdi’s Shree Sai Prasadalaya. Thousands of devotees visit Shirdi Saibaba Temple daily. Food is prepared for them using multiple automated machines to make thousands of chapatis and cook around 2000 kg dal and rice every day. This example is just a small trailer of what can be achieved with automated manufacturing processes. 

Does everything become easy with the automation of manufacturing machines, and is it as simple as it seems?

Though manufacturing processes in an automated environment may seem simple, it is not so. The most difficult aspect of implementing the manufacturing process is training the workforce on how to handle different processes in the manufacturing plant. Most of the companies face this as a hurdle as, sometimes, it becomes difficult to explain how various difficult processes have to be carried out carefully and safely this is more prominent in the newly joined labour force. Even when it comes to the chemical manufacturing industry or machinery industry, the training process plays a major role in deciding how well in the desired outcome is achieved.

How customized eLearning solutions is the best mode of training?

Automation of manufacturing processes can be best achieved when the workforce is well trained on how to carry out every process neatly, taking safety and other precautions into consideration. Thus, training plays a major role to accomplish the set productivity objectives. For the training purposes, the organisation which is into automated manufacturing must create training materials which are easily comprehendible for even a person with least qualification. Hence opting for an e-learning solution for training purpose based on the requirements of the manufacturing processes plays a major role. The training material has to be in e-learning form because e-learning solution includes a host of teaching methodologies with tons of features that are not available in PDF, PPT, or in any textual form. 

VKCL’s customized eLearning solutions for any form of training or specialised training

VK Creative Learning, VKCL, has the habit of creating e-learning solutions for training purposes only after consulting and matching the exact requirements of its clients. Unless this criterion is satisfied, and the organisation is pleased with the e-learning training material, we improvise to make it an exact match for them. We, at VKCL, utilise the skills of our Subject Matter Experts (SME), content experts, industry specialists, multimedia specialists, graphic designers, and other experts for developing e-learning content in such a way that even a layman can understand the complex industrial processes.


December 10, 2020