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Differentiating Factors of Academic Game-Based E-Learning Solutions

June 30, 2021 news banner 138

Keeping learners interested and motivated in their studies is the most difficult issue that instructors confront throughout the globe. Thousands of children, particularly those from rural or low-income families, drop out of school each year. This is because they don’t find motivation and feel bored when they have to learn from textbooks. These books do not have adequate examples and visuals so that they can help the learners to visualize the concepts. This is where game-based e-learning solutions can be a savior for kids.

Why opt for Game-based e-learning courseware 

This viewpoint of the learners can be changed if they are introduced to game-based e-learning courses. Game-based e-learning can be a game-changer as the children will learn by playing games. During this process, they would be introduced to various types of concepts. The concepts will have to be understood before playing the games. This means that the children cannot play the games unless they have understood the concepts. This way they will stop rote memorization. Also, they would get into the habit of understanding the concepts through game-based e-learning programs.

Differentiating factors of game-based e-learning solutions are as follows: 

1. Increases motivation to gain in-depth understanding. 

One of the major advantages of game-based e-learning courseware is that it encourages children to play more. In other words, it destroys boredom and motivates learners' enthusiasm. From an educational standpoint, the incentive system in games may be extremely useful. 

2. Instant reward and gratification 

You may advance quickly in game-based learning as you study and comprehend new ideas and put them into practice. As you progress, you are constantly rewarded. The learners are kept engaged by this incentive-based approach. Unlike end-of-term examinations, which provide delayed pleasure, games provide immediate gratification. When children go through various stages in an educational game, they experience a feeling of achievement. 

3. Allows you to choose what you want to study. 

It always benefits when students are allowed to learn what they like. This exactly happens through game-based e-learning solutions. In other words, students can choose any subject and they can play a game on it. The biggest advantage of such an initiative is that students can choose any subject of their choice. However, the students don’t realize that by doing so, they end up covering all the chapters and subjects. This is what any teacher or parents would like. The game e-learning solution delivers what it is made for.

4. Improves conceptual understanding

Through game-based e-learning modules, children's cognitive comprehension and skills improve. This is because interactive gaming helps youngsters learn subjects more effectively. This has the effect of increasing children's levels of involvement. This effectively encourages high-quality learning. 

5. Helps to improve memory retention 

Game-based e-learning has been shown to improve children's memory massively. Learning ideas via pictures improves retention and sharpens children's brains. Visual learning reduces learning time and increases knowledge recall, allowing pupils to grasp concepts more quickly. 

6. Motivates to apply the concepts in real life 

Game-based e-learning courses improve a child's knowledge of real-life applications. They also encourage students to “learn through doing.” 

VKCL game-based e-learning solutions 

VK Creative Learning (VKCL), has been catering to various types of game-based e-learning solutions for schools, institutions, colleges, and universities. VKCL's game-based e-learning courseware not only has games but also includes animation, simulations, and tests.

June 30, 2021