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Differentiating factors of customised eLearning courseware and content localization and translation services

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Globalisation has led to an increase in the business activities of the various organisations in the past few decades. At the same time, technology has been rapidly evolving, and hence it has become mandatory for the companies to adopt various technologies to witness an increase in the business volume. Therefore, training the workforce within the organisation and its various branches located across the globe is an essential factor, as it decides the overall productivity of an organisation.

However, the technological growth has been so rapid that businesses may find it difficult to give a thought about the right form of training materials that would be apt for the trainees, based on their learning pace. Thus any form of training courseware or training in the form of textual content will not serve the purpose. For that matter, even if the content is developed in a language that is not understandable to the trainees working in different branches of the company, the training material will not be of much use. Additionally, the content has to be made in such a way that the learners can absorb any information easily. Hence, customised content and content translation play vital roles in deciding whether the right form of training content is created based on the understanding of the learners.

VKCL's customised eLearning courseware and content localisation

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) understood the big roadblocks in a company’s growth considering training perspectives and started assisting various organizations with its specialized services which focussed on different aspects of e-learning training.

Special emphasis was laid on customising the e-learning solution that included developing content as per the needs of the organisation; corporate training; eLearning content localisation & translation services, and other requirements. Animated characters and simulations based on the real-life scenarios were introduced so that learners can draw an analogy between them and workplace situations to understand the work in the best possible manner. The customised eLearning solution for content localisation and translation includes services in the form of:

  • Conversion of the content in the form of PPT or handwritten notes or bullet points, to different digital formats.
  • Development of web-based applications from CD/DVD, word document, or PPT content.
  • Development of web-based applications from CD/DVD, word document, or PPT content.
  • Content translation from the native or local language..
  • Content creation through multi-staged processes.

Content creation through multi-staged processes

Customised eLearning solution and eLearning content localization are carried out through multi-staged processes which involve the use of animation and simulations for enhanced comprehension and high-quality checks at each stage to develop the best quality eLearning module. The systematic and efficient quality analysis process helps to create a strong positive impact on the learners.<

Salient features and other content development services offered by VKCL

  • VKCL provides a host of eLearning content development services such as content development through Rapid Authoring tools; content integration; content localization from audio and multimedia formats; desktop publishing, and many more.
  • Vastly experienced instructional designers; multimedia specialists; industry experts and translation experts are deployed to enhance understanding of the learners.
  • VKCL's content is compliant to SCORM or AICC or Tin Can API (Experience API) specifications.
  • Customised eLearning solutions are developed at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Support on multiple devices such as mobile, tablets, and PC.
  • Support on multiple devices such as mobile, tablets, and PC.

January 15, 2021