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Differentiating features that make an eLearning solution highly productive and revolutionising

December 17, 2020 news banner 87

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) has been in the eLearning industry, catering to a variety of industry players from the past 10 years. It is accoutred with experts from various walks of life. Owing to the experience and industry specialists, it can develop eLearning solutions which focus highly on delivering knowledge and skills that may be practically implemented by the learners. Further, it incorporates methodologies like nudge theory, microlearning, blended learning and simplified learning techniques to ensure that the learning is easy. VKCL understands the importance of delivering high productivity that is very crucial to the company. Hence, eLearning solutions are developed in such a way that the employees understand and acquire skills straightaway which may help the company’s ROI on E-learning courseware. We believe organisations should read the benefits of our e-learning course materials through increased productivity. In regards to the same, our experts get into an in-depth discussion about an organisation's requirements before developing e-learning content for the client. Our eLearning solutions are highly tuned so that the organisations can not only witness business growth but also a substantial improvement in various processes carried out by the trainees who have attended the eLearning programs.

How do we ensure learning is simple and effective?

We make use of blended learning programs to ensure that the learning is simplified. Through a blended learning program, the learners get to learn from the instructor, see animated videos and simulation, and then discuss their questions with the vastly experienced experts from various industries.  This way, through a blended e-learning program, the learners can make use of the knowledge shared by the industry experts, and get the concepts further clarified by watching the animation and discussing their queries with the professors. eLearning solution’s blended learning program pushes the learners to get familiarised with new concepts and skills. Also, they are given assignments to assess their understanding.

How do we ensure that the learners can remember what they have learnt?

VKCL incorporates nudge theory and microlearning techniques so that the learning is simplified and the taught concepts are remembered by the learners. Nudge theory is utilised in the VKCL’s eLearning solution in such a way that the learners are prompted to answer questions related to the topics, any time during the training session. In other words, Nudge theory focuses on positive reinforcement of learning behaviour through indirect suggestions in form of questions; hints and suggestions. Due to this, the learners have to be always prepared by revising the chapters regularly that have been taught earlier and implement them in different circumstances. Similarly, microlearning techniques are used so that bigger complex concepts are broken down into smaller chunks which are easily understandable to the learners. The smaller chunks have simplified explanations and the language used is simple. Importantly, each learning model is, hardly, 5 to 10 minutes. eLearning videos contain real-life scenarios and contexts with which learners can associate with. This allows the learners to learn a module as per their convenience and suits their learning pace. This immensely helps the learners as the professionals who have returned from the office don’t have to spend hours learning from fat books with a lot of technical terms and jargon.

December 17, 2020