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E-learning Courseware: Enhancing Learning Skills through E.Q

May 08, 2021 news banner 123

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Focusing on Emotional Intelligence (known as emotional quotient or EQ) is essential while creating e-learning courseware. It plays a significant role in making the learners understand the concepts quickly. Emotional Intelligence is influenced by the emotional awareness of an individual. Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in nurturing the thoughts of a person. His capability to handle emotions related to the surrounding enhances significantly. It is also concerned with the feeling of an individual based on what he sees and perceives. Hence, e-learning courseware should consider and include emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence aids a learner to absorb the information using emotional awareness and relate to the contexts. This would enable a comprehensive understanding of the topic. In other words, learners not only enhance their comprehension skills but also the learning becomes quick.

Uses of EQ in e-learning courseware to optimize learning

Emotional learning moulds students logically, rationally, and emotionally. It offers the confidence and the curiosity to explore more about the topic. This way they start learning concepts at a rapid pace. They turn clear-headed and turn like a sponge when it comes to exploring the unknown and learning from it. Other factors are inculcated due to the use of EQ in e-learning solutions. 

An e-learning course that includes EQ helps to create self-awareness in understanding any information. It enhances the ability of a learner to identify and understand emotions while learning. Self-awareness gives rise to high curiosity among the learners to understand more about a particular topic. Questions such as why, when, which, and how are asked by the learner while understanding a topic. These feelings and curiosity helps the learners to understand a topic comprehensively.

Scenario based learning
Different scenarios that can help the students to explore different information is necessary. This is possible as the information will be related to the feelings. Feelings can be positive which may push the learner to move beyond the conventional curriculum. When this happens, the learner's learning ability increases. This also helps the individual to relate their understood concepts to the real-life scenarios. All these conditions help the learners to understand the concept thoroughly. This plays a major role while actions have to be taken. The decisions and actions will be directly related to productivity.

Animations and simulations
By introducing 2D and 3D animations and simulations in the e-learning courseware,
visualisation becomes easy. When a learner looks at different animated characters, he emotionally relates to the situation and learns from it. Simulations incorporated in the e-learning solutions help to learn about different complex information and apply it to the real-world. 

About VKCL
VK Creative Learning (VKCL) has a vast experience in the e-learning space. It has created e-learning solutions for a variety of schools, colleges, universities, and organisations. It has carved a niche for itself in developing tailor-made e-learning solutions. The courseware is based on the requirements of its clients. Hence, most schools, colleges, and organisations turn to VKCL for creating emotional learning -based content. It takes the perspective of the children, teachers, and career with knowledge into consideration while creating the content. Being cognisant of the EQ’s impact, VKCL introduces quizzes and puzzles to cross check the understanding of the learners. 

May 08, 2021