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E-Learning in K12 Education

January 10, 2020 news banner 17

Primary education is important in India which the Government provides at very minimal cost. India has got many schools adequate teachers and services for students and teachers. But the revolution in teaching came across by the introduction of E-Learning in K12 Education or can even say Web Based Learning.

With the introduction of E-Learning in  K12 Education the standard or the quality of education has improved magnificently. This has helped a lot for the teachers to deliver their teaching to the students who cannot receive the teachings at the same time like the other students who gets benefited by the classroom learning.

As per Economic Times E-Learning can be stated as “Network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge delivered to the wide range of students at the same or different time.” Earlier the introduction of E-Learning was not accepted emphatically but by the passage of time students and the educators started accepting it and making good use of it.

Internet is an ocean of learning and this ocean should be introduced to each and every student as early as possible in their life. This could have been done by introducing Information Technology in the medium of E-Learning. E-Learning has the prospective to meet the anticipated need at flexible pace and place. The E-Learning allows the education to go to the learners rather than the learners to their education.

Importance of E-Learning in K12 Education :

1. Flexibility, Availability and Comfort-
With a very short span of time for the learning and training students can access the learning material as per their schedule. There is no need for the physical presence of the student to collect the learning material, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world leading to cost saving.

2. Enriched Learning-
The highly designed E-Learning activity leads to very much interactive and flexibility in learning the course material and review it at any point of time which improves the ability of the learner to incorporate and grasp information. Many learners do find it easier to approach the educators through E-Mails and asking various questions and clearing the doubts as learners get the privacy to directly contact the learners without hesitation.

3. Leisure and rapidness of updates-
E-Learning allows systematic and quick approach towards the updates to the course material for very often changing information. Every learner can access the updated information worldwide.

4. Density of Learning Material-
Every learner gets the same instructions of the course material to make sure that consistency and essence of the message distributed is same for everyone.

E-Learning provides hope for the students who are passing out of school in order to compare and the colleges and the courses they want to apply for. The student sitting in the North can check on the colleges in the south for the best colleges they want to get in.

It is important to take forward the concept of classroom teaching with the books and lectures, but the impact and the effectiveness of the E-Learning in K12 education is equally important and cannot be ignored. Technology based learning should not be taken lightly.

January 10, 2020