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E-learning Platform for Learner’s Engagement and Motivation

July 22, 2021 news banner 145

It's difficult to comprehend what's happened, and what adjustments the learners had to make due to the Covid pandemic. There have been positive and negative developments. As far as positive developments are concerned, the online medium has become the biggest savior. The wide adoption of e-learning courses have motivated the learners in the following ways:

Student participation and empowerment:

Student participation and empowerment have always been an issue, whether you teach kindergarteners, Ph.D. students, or anybody in between. When compared to conventional face-to-face classes, e-learning courses may offer distinct benefits. This may be observed since e-learning courseware engages learners in real-time. Verbal cues and emotions that teachers depend on in the classroom can be brought into the teaching session through e-learning. Wondering how? The e-learning solutions allow teachers to directly communicate with the children.      

Motivational factors: Many people believe that keeping pupils engaged and motivated is as simple as following a formula. High-quality lecture videos, 3D animations, and assignments motivate learners to learn more. In fact, these features bring out enthusiasm, vision, desire, perseverance, and determination among the learners.

What drives the students' interest? 

Due to the interaction with various lecturers from various walks of life, students get to consult them. They can learn about a career path and drives the students to achieve more in life. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are two types of motivation discovered by educational psychology. Intrinsic motivation stems from a drive to study something for the sake of self-improvement or mastery of a topic. Extrinsic motivation arises from a desire to succeed in order to achieve a goal. Extrinsically driven students are more concerned with grades, while intrinsic active learners are more interested in their work.

Recognize and reward students' successes:

Students are not machines, therefore they should be rewarded for their accomplishments. Humans like being rewarded. E-learning helps the learners to get recognized when their progress is evaluated through the progress evaluation feature in e-learning solutions. This develops a sense of self-esteem, motivation, and confidence in the learners. 

Multi-featured e-learning solutions: 

Some students are true self-starters who are self-motivated and enjoy learning. Everyone, however, is unique. These kids may be lacking in drive. The e-learning platform has several excellent assessment features for keeping track of student progress. These tools may be used to keep track of your students and encourage them to meet course objectives. Additionally, the e-learning solutions entail discussions, collaborative projects, assignments, and doubt solving sessions. 

Create an Open, Accessible Environment: Since the e-learning platform offers the features of discussions, and doubt solving sessions, students can interact with the lecturers feely. The has a major advantage. Learners can discuss their learning difficulties with faculty or mentors, without other students not knowing about them. This not only allows the shy students to come out of their mold but also enhances their learning capabilities. This encourages direct interactivity with the teachers. Moreover, the e-learning solutions offer a comfortable and engaging platform to the learners. 

Case studies to boost learning: 

It's important to provide trainees with timely feedback in order to keep them motivated to work with you. But factors such as the inclusion of case studies and real-world situations in the learning program vastly boosts learning. This would aid in the development of various abilities, learning styles, and interests. 

July 22, 2021