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Enhancing Return On Investment through e-learning Training Programs

April 01, 2021 news banner 115

Return on investment (ROI): Face-to-Face Classroom Training Session

When it comes to a training program, cost matters a lot. In the case of classroom training sessions, extra expenditure in the forms of classroom management, travelling charges, and accommodation are not taken into consideration. In other words, these costs are neglected. Although it may reflect that the classroom training sessions have been completed at a certain cost, it will not be so. This is because extra costs in the form of other expenditures are not taken into consideration. The total cost incurred is remunerating trainers plus the extra costs. Therefore the return on investment may not be significant. ROI can be appreciable if all the expenditures are taken into consideration and there is a high profit. Thus a physical classroom session will be profitable if, after exclusion of all expenditures, high profits are generated.

E-learning solutions as an alternative physical classroom training session

E-learning solution is a cost-effective solution compared to physical classroom training. On adopting an e-learning solution, many costs either disappear or lessens in comparison to a physical classroom training session. Many statistics studies suggest that the knowledge of the professionals have increased substantially by opting for e-learning training programs. Also, it had helped to boost their productivity. The best aspect of an e-learning solution from an organisation perspective is that it helps an organisation to meet its business objective. 

Advantages of the e-learning training program

Cost: With e-learning courseware, the cost of development of training programmes comes down drastically. 

Virtual login: Since the learners can log in to the e-learning course virtually, they can access the courseware at any time. Thus travelling cost is reduced when compared to physical training sessions.

Print material and production costs: Since all the course materials are available online in the case of e-learning, there is no expenditure incurred for the creation of print materials and other production costs as it happens in physical training.

High participation: Since employees can access the course materials anywhere and anytime, the number of learners is greater compared to physical training sessions.

High productivity: Research studies indicate that the throughput of the professionals increased through e-learning. One of the major aspects of this being, the learners can get a deep understanding of the topics through animations, simulations, assessments, and online tests.

Tracking the progress: The learner's progress can be tracked through the tracking progress feature, embedded in the e-learning solution. This facility may not be available in the physical training sessions.

Highly trained workforce: When the workforce is trained through e-learning solutions, they can get an in-depth understanding of the topics. Many research studies suggest the same. This is one of the biggest advantages of e-learning courseware.

Simplified content for easier understanding: Concepts are explained in a simplified way with the help of 2D and 3D animations, simulations, and multiple examples of daily work life. This form of simplified content may not be observed in physical classroom sessions.

VKCL’s e-learning solution 

With experience of more than 10 years, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is a popular and reliable name in the e-learning space. VKCL has mastered the art of content simplification with the use of two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated characters that are used for discussing and explaining a problem. Simulations are used for checking the understanding of the learners. The animation offers a detailed analysis of various manufacturing processes as observed in the workplace. 

April 01, 2021