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Essential Factors to Develop Creative E-Learning Solutions

June 18, 2021 news banner 132

Boredom is a trigger for disengagement among students. Using a high level of active involvement tactics, you may prevent students from getting bored in a course. You should also include engaging instructional material that is both innovative and interesting to engage with. 

Factors that play an essential role in developing creative content

1. Significance of user-friendly LMS

Convenience is no longer an afterthought. It is now essential to keep students interested and motivated. It has become highly significant to provide the tools which can be used for creating innovative e-learning solutions. Many e-learning development companies are of the view that this would allow the learners to access the course content easily. Importantly, it can be accessed from any location and at any time. 
This is possible only by having a user-friendly learning management system (LMS). The LMS should be such that it allows you to access learning materials on various devices, both online and offline. 

2. Learner engagement approach

A successful learner engagement approach may be achieved by blending a good LMS with just-in-time learning concepts. This would focus on various aspects of learning, which helps to deliver learners what they want and need.
Learning Engagement is a critical element to consider when creating an academic or K-12 e-learning solution. The reason being, it not only assures successful student engagement but also encourages interactiveness among the learners, co-learners, and instructors. The effectiveness of e-learning courseware is highly dependent on the knowledge gained by the learners. The knowledge should be aligned with the training program's goals. 

3. Learner’s understanding

The understanding should be such that the learners should be able to apply the ideas they've learned in real life. This depends upon how well the e-learning course content is tailored to meet the learners' learning styles and speed. Thus, schools, colleges, institutions, universities, and organizations should seek out a reputable and experienced e-learning development company.  This measure would help to create e-learning courseware that is tailored to suit the learners' learning ability and speed.

4. Microlearning

Microlearning involves the creation of interesting content by breaking down a large amount of material. That is, breaking down complicated topics and ideas into short, easily digestible modules that are described in plain English. The Microlearning process ensures that learners get just a little quantity of information to learn at a time. Each microlearning lesson takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. In simple words, make learning material easier to swallow by breaking it down into tiny, digestible portions. Also, quick-access materials that students wish to use regularly should be provided. These include templates, tools, brief films, checklists, and even infographics. 

5. Including creative elements 

Infographics, 3D animated video material, and scenario-based assignments that mirror real-life high-stakes have to be included in the e-learning solutions. These techniques and content types will make the learners come back for more. E-learning development companies blend innovative learning materials such as 3D animation with microlearning concepts so that learning can be easy.

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one of the reputable names in the e-learning space that adopts the above measures while creating e-learning solutions. To know more, check out:

June 18, 2021