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Factors that make corporate e-learning solution highly competent and compelling

December 31, 2020 news banner 91

Majority of the organisations conduct training programs regularly so that their employees are up to date with the latest technologies. Knowledge upgradation enhances their work skills to meet the organisation’s business objectives and then ultimately, assists to increase productivity. However, it is easier said than done. The reason being, no matter how well and organised a training programme is conducted. But, if the training program is conducted within two days for eight hours, there is a high probability that many of the trainees must have not understood the information provided in the training session. Situations become weirder for the employees if they’re stuck with some important urgent work in the office or travelling is not possible at a point of time when the training program is organised at the central office. Similarly, any health problems or family-related issues can make them skip an important training session. Additionally, most of the organisations have their office branches spread worldwide. In such circumstances, it becomes difficult for employees to get trained through online text materials. In both cases, the employees working at a distant location from the central office have to face the problems. Incompatibility of the content with the learning pace of the learners is also considered as a major obstacle in understanding the content and hence doesn’t help the objectives of the training program. This is where a corporate e-learning solution turns out to be a knight in shining armour.

Why corporate e-learning solutions?

VK Creative Learning (VKCL), being cognizant of various issues that troubled organisations, decided to develop a smart, innovative and efficient corporate e-learning solution that would address the concerns of an organisation. With more than 10 years of experience in the e-learning space, developing different forms of e-learning content, VKCL focused on every single detail of the client’s requirements such as time zones, cultural differences and language barriers to build a robust and impact corporate e-learning solution. To make understanding of the content easy, VKCL’s corporate e-learning courseware included content in the form of 2-D and 3D animated videos; video lectures of the experts; detailed analysis with infographics; quizzes, assignments, and doubt solving sessions. One of the best aspects of the corporate e-learning solution is that it can be uploaded on the website or common internet storage or LMS platform wherein all the learners across the world can access it for the training purpose.  These user-friendly features made VKCL’s corporate e-learning courseware a complete package for the learners. Importantly by laying special emphasis on making the content easy to understand for the learners and making it accessible to all the employees located at different parts of the globe, the corporate e-learning courseware became one of the preferred and reliable e-learning solution-choices for the corporate organisations.

Some unique noteworthy features of VKCL‘s corporate e-learning content are as follows:

  1. Simplified content in the form of animated content; simulations, and multiple examples with assistive multiple diagrams to enhance understanding of the concepts
  2. Content has been designed and developed by the industry experts along with content specialists.
  3. The e-learning courseware is designed to suit the learning pace of the learners.
  4. Learners can access the e-learning course materials at a time and place of their convenience.

December 31, 2020