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Features of e-Learning solutions that help learners to remember, recollect, and retain the complex concepts

October 09, 2020 news banner 69

Though in today’s world, technology has advanced a lot, disseminating whatever information we need in the blink of an eye through the internet, it is not always easy to find the required information and learn them as when we feel like. One of the major reasons for this being, if you want to specialise a particular topic, there will be a huge pile of information on the internet. We have to go through each and every piece of information; separate certain information, and further sieve them. Post this, comes the refining part of the information. These processes are time-consuming and finally, we may end up getting tired rather than finding the required information. Thus there is a high chance that you may feel discouraged even before you start to read about the topic you wanted to specialise. 

VKCL’s e-learning solutions

Now imagine you have all the needed information on your hands and you don’t have to search for anything on the internet! Isn’t that wonderful? VK Creative Learning (VKCL) builds different types of e-learning solutions, right from academic e-learning solutions to industry-based e-Learning solutions based on the requirements of the entities. All a school or an organisation has to do is discuss its essential requirements with the VKCL’s subject matter experts, multimedia specialists, and industry experts. Once this is done, VKCL discusses the prototype with its clients. If the clients feel the prototype is perfect, then the e-learning solution finalised and given the final shape.

What are the specialities of e-learning solutions? Why are learners able to remember and retain what they have learnt, using VKCL’s e-learning solutions?


VKCL has been in the e-learning industry from the past one decade and hence it understands all the problems that the learners face – be it school children or working professionals. Hence it designs an e-learning solution only after consulting the entity like school or organisation. Given below are some distinguishing features of VKCL’s e-learning solutions.

  1. The background setup and characters in 2-D and 3-D animation of the e-learning solution are so innovatively created that they resemble real-life situations. This helps the learners to relate to the animated environment and understand the concepts easily. For instance for school children, subjects such as history, geography, mathematics, and science are made interesting through an e-learning solution by showing different events, phenomena, different possible scenarios, and interactive elements in 2-D or 3-D animations. Similarly, new inductees in a company can be taken on a virtual tour to demonstrate different working processes that are carried out in a manufacturing organisation.
  2. The simulations in e-learning solutions help the learners to practice the concepts. For instance, school children can check out the properties of different chemicals and their combinations using simulations. On the other hand, working professionals can understand how one part of the machine can be fitted in different ways or try out different parts in a machine.
  3. Assignments based on the practical application of the theories are provided to the learners so that they apply the concepts in the real world that has been taught to them during the virtual classroom session.
  4. Learners can discuss their doubts with the mentors
  5. With e-learning solution, learners can learn as per their learning pace and convenience.

October 09, 2020