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Foolproof methodologies to incorporate in the academic and K12 elearning solutions to render the best impactful learning

March 10, 2021 news banner 109

Understanding different concepts in subjects like mathematics, science, geography, and history can be difficult for some students who have fewer visualisation skills and find it difficult to grasp concepts easily. For such students, some form of help is required so that they can visualise and understand the topics in an easier way. This would mean that they have to be explained in depth so that they can understand the information to the core.

However, explaining certain pieces of information in detail doesn’t ensure totally that the students have understood the concepts. This is because students have to visualise and some students prefer simplified language to understand concepts, which in turn means the explanation given by the teacher or in the textbook should be good enough to attract their attention for a longer period. This is where academic and K-12 e-learning solutions score over the traditional form of teaching. Given below are some of the core features of the academic and K-12 e-learning solutions which makes it the best option for impactful learning.

1. Connecting with the learners 

The first and foremost rule for ensuring that a student has understood the concept thoroughly is to ensure that there is full engagement from his end. Unless this happens, there is a high possibility that he hasn’t paid attention to the required details to comprehend the information. Thus to ensure that the taught information turns out to be meaningful for them, connecting to the students is very essential. This is where academic and K-12 e-learning solutions can prove out to be a useful tool since it uses animations and simulations so that students feel connected to the taught information as they feel they are watching some movie when the animation is played out to them. 

2. Fostering a sense of competence in learning through various activities in real life

It has been shown in the research activities that most students feel motivated and they enjoy learning when a sense of friendly and healthy competitive nature is evoked among them. However, it has to be borne in mind that there isn’t a reference to competition in terms of the marks but through engagement in learning activities and their implementation in real life. This can be achieved by assigning students activities that are beyond their current level of proficiency that would allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the information they have been taught.  

3. Motivating students to master the subject

Academic and K-12 e-learning solutions contain animations and video lectures. The understanding of the learners are tested through simulations wherein different questions in the form of animation are asked to the learners and students have to answer them by checking out the possibility through simulations. This way students are motivated to check their understanding and totally get a complete grasp of the concepts. Besides this, tests and assignments also play a major role to ensure that students get a firm grip over the concepts.

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March 10, 2021