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How 3-D Animations in E-Learning Can Enhance Medical Learning?

April 26, 2021 news banner 121

What would you think a learner would prefer: learning from a textbook or understanding it from the live experience? There is a very high chance that the learner would prefer to learn from practical experience. Many research studies suggest that learners learn quickly when they use real-life examples and do it practically. In fact, we can understand the concepts to the depth If concepts are applied to everyday life. Is there a way out to do practical learning? The answer is yes. This is possible to achieve through e-learning solutions, created by e-learning development companies.

Understanding e-learning solutions

E-learning solution is a form of learning courseware that can be used by the learners to learn something from anywhere and anytime. It contains high-quality animations and simulations to explain the concepts thoroughly. The animations of the e-learning solution are two-dimensional or three-dimensional animations. Besides animations and simulations, the e-learning solution also contains a progress track record. Assignments are also provided through the e-learning courseware. The assignment helps to understand how well the learners can apply the knowledge in the real world. The progress practice report gives an idea about how well students have understood the concept and their area of weakness.

What is the role of animations in an e-learning solution?

Animations play a big role in making the learners understand various topics of complex nature. It gives a 360° understanding of the topic, representing it from all angles. Students get to see their subjects of the topic up close and understand them. Learners are taught the topic in multiple ways so that they can understand the topic thoroughly. Animations add a lot of information when compared to textbook content. In fact, the animation is not even comparable to the text content. There is no need for the learners to visualise everything when it comes to animation. In other words, the visualisation of the topic under consideration is simplified when animation is shown. Visualisation is the most difficult factor when it comes to learning. Many research studies show that learners find it difficult to visualise when concepts are taught. This is where animations can be highly helpful.

How can animations enhance medical learning?

3D animations offer a detailed view of the subject under consideration. For example, animations can give a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the heart as no other teaching methodology can. Imagine this, the heart explained in 3D dimension. The entire outer, as well as the interior view of the heart, can be shown with the use of animation. The functioning of arteries and veins can be easily described by showing it in three-dimensional animation. How the blood enters into the heart and leaves the heart can be shown up close. The passage of blood in various chambers of the heart can be shown by zooming into the channels. All in all, it would give in-depth insight into the heart and its functioning to the learners.

VKCL medical e-learning solution

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April 26, 2021