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How Academic eLearning Solutions Got Widely Adopted in the COVID-19 Situation?

November 14, 2020 news banner 78

Technological advancements and digitization have vastly changed the way we live our daily lives. They played major roles in the way education was imparted and consumed out during the COVID-19 outbreak. Through the COVID-19 lockdown period, online e-learning medium was adopted gracefully, and it made teaching and learning possible when everybody thought nothing can replace the conventional physical classroom sessions.

The high reliance on rote learning or textbook-based learning slowly seemed to be a thing of the past, as academic e-learning solutions give a new look and feel to the teaching and learning systems. The best aspect of the online e-learning education system was that children were able to explore the new aspect of the learning sitting at home. Though the concept of digitised e-learning solutions evolved between 2002 and 2003, it was now during the lockdown period that its effectiveness and capabilities are fully explored and taken advantage of. It transformed entirely the way education was conducted, making the learning interesting and fun.

How is the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak was overcome?

Billions of students in 138 countries were affected when the closure of schools and universities were declared worldwide due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Millions of schools had no idea what to do since there were no ways lectures could be conducted in the classroom. It was, then, left up to the online e-learning medium as far as teaching and learning were concerned. This is where the academic e-learning solutions stood to the challenge and helped to overcome the difficult circumstances. Soon schools and universities chose the online medium for delivering lectures to ensure that students do not suffer much due to the lockdown situation.

 Key issue with the online medium 

The online e-learning medium solved the problem of teaching. However, there was always a doubt over whether it would deliver the results which would fulfil the expectations of the schools, students, and parents. That being said, academic e-learning solutions emerged as a better learning platform compared to the usual online courses as it consisted of text content only. Academic e-learning solutions included user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS); animations, simulations, and more useful learning tools. 

Features of VKCL's academic e-learning solutions that made learning easy during the COVID-19 outbreak

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) has been in the e-learning space for more than a decade. VKCL has assisted many schools and universities with its academic e-learning solutions wherein they were able to communicate with the students through online lectures and other teaching facilities such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated videos and simulations. VKCL’s academic e-learning solution enables the students to participate in an interactive session with the teachers. This allows the students to not only learn but also get their doubts addressed by the teachers. Importantly, three-dimensional animated videos and simulations are designed in such a way that learning becomes simplified and easy with them. Thus utilising the appealing features of the academic e-learning solution in the best possible ways, hour-long physical classroom sessions are transformed into engrossing and enjoyable classroom sessions. Additionally, the academic e-learning solution contains a user-friendly interface to browse through various learning content and a progress tracker feature that allows the teachers, students, and parents to keep a tab of how students are performing and the areas they need to improve.

November 14, 2020