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How an eLearning Solution with the Special Emphasis on Cognitive Learning and Micro Learning can Boost the Learning Capabilities of the Learners?

September 04, 2020 news banner 61

One of the major hurdles that the learners face while studying a new topic is that they find it difficult to concentrate and absorb the information quickly. Even worse, even if they have learned something, there is a high chance that the taught information slips away from their minds in just a few minutes. To be exact, learners are capable of retaining around 10 to 20% of what they have learned. This is one of the reasons why different organisations conduct training regularly so that their employees are up to date with the knowledge required to give their best productivity and increase the company’s throughput. Having said this, if the conducted training fails to deliver the required outcome, that is, the learners are not able to understand everything through the lectures and reference books, then such training may not be of much use. In other words, the training will be successful, and will help to upgrade the knowledge of the trainees only if training materials have the required appealing content. This is where the implementation of Cognitive Learning and Micro-Learning in the e-learning solutions make learning effective.

Why Cognitive Learning?

Cognition learning is based on the concept of how various brain processes assist in deep-rooted learning with the help of visual images; sensation, feelings, learning context, and experience. Also, cognitive learning plays a high focus on critical thought processes; retention of learned concepts, and conscious learning. In fact, cognitive learning methodology was conceptualized to achieve deep learning through the use of intellectual, logical, and practical thinking. This helps the learners to get optimum understanding of the intricate information and reach their fullest learning potential.

A quick glance at how micro learning makes learning easy

As aforementioned, micro-learning splits a bigger chapter into small modules, with a simpler explanation. The simplified explanation is further supported by multiple diagrams, animations, and a lot of examples. Thus, this makes learning easy. 

Why VKCL opt for cognitive learning and micro learning methodologies in its eLearning courseware?


VK Creative Learning (VKCL) on becoming cognizant with the types of problems that the learners faced with the classroom sessions; reference fat books; documents, and training sessions, it came out with the idea of developing e-learning solutions that would make understanding easy. Since cognitive learning depends on learning through concentration and critical thinking, which enhances learning skills, VKCL included it in its e-learning solutions. On the other hand, micro-learning focuses on the creation of content in small modules which ensure that learners are not loaded with lots of jargons and complicated theories, at one go. Instead, learners learn a small chunk of a chapter which is pretty much digestible to their brain. For the same, it contacted several cognitive learning experts and spoke to various types of learners and teachers. Our academic and corporate eLearning solutions include chunks of a chapter, comprising compact videos and animated lectures, with short simulations and plenty of diagrams. Each module is very short about, 5 to 10 minutes long. This allows students to be in control of what they learn. The goal by introducing cognitive learning and micro learning methodologies was to make the e-learning solutions impactful, engrossing, and appealing to the learners.


September 04, 2020