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How custom e-learning solutions have been the key driver of e-learning market

September 26, 2019 news banner 13

The shift from conventional learning to digital e-learning model has helped many corporates across the globe to up their productivity. Ease of accessibility and learning;a host of simplified learning features; personalised engaging content, and economical cost have been identified as key components for drivingthe e-learning market.

Thus, not surprisingly, the global e-learning market worldwide is expected to touch $65.41 billion by 2023.

Why custom e-learning solutions will be the preferred choice for the corporate world in the years to come ?

It is estimated that growth of e-learning market size will come a long way from over USD 150 billion in 2016 to$12.85 billion in 2017 to about $240 billion by 2023 at over 5% CAGR. Importantly, the uptrend of e-learning market has been attributed to innovative solutions such as custom e-learning solutions.

Studies reveal that employees have largely benefited from personalised learning solutions and e-learning solutions have aided to boost their productivity, by about 50%.

US has been at the top the list when it comes to adoption of custom e-learning technologies, followed by UK, Russia and other European countries. Developing  economies and increasing literacy of the countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and other Asian countries have made them a hot bed for the growth e-learning industry. The growth of self paced and customised learning speaks volume for itself as it has reached billion dollar mark.

Why custom e-Learning solutions have found favours over off-the-shelf e-learning courses in the e-learning market ?

Of late, custom e-learning course development has turned into hot favourites for many corporates compared to off-the-shelf e-learning courses. The primary reason for this being off-the-shelf e-learning adopts one-size-fits-all approach, which may not necessarily fit in the requirements slot. Also, very often, one-size-fits-all strategy turns out to be less creative, engaging, and impactful.

The list of some well-known industry players who actively invest in custom e-Learning solutions include Adobe systems Inc., Citrix, SAP, McGrawHill, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Articulate, Apollo Education Group Inc., Saba Software, Tata Interactive Systems, and Haiku Learning.

How custom e-learning development services have changed the e-learning market scenario ?

Personalised e-learning courses include features such as gamification, simulations, videos, quizzes, and many more to make learning attractive, interesting and effective. In other words, e-learning solutions are customised to suit learner’s learning style.

Add to this the facility of LMS (Learning Management System), with a wide variety of options such as what, when and how to learn – a perfect amalgamation that would slot in the learner’s expectations and schedule.

How can we help you to be part of growing global e-learning market ?

Custom e-learning solutions have played a pivotal role in the rise of small, medium and large-sized Indian businesses in and outside India. However,not all are expert when it comes to creating the best custom e-learning solutions in India at an affordable cost.

We, at VK Creative Learning,been in the e-learning market for over a decade have mastered the craft of building a perfectcustom e-learning solutions for Indian andglobal businesses. We blend hard work, creativity with innovativeworkable practices so that the end-product meets our client’s expectations.

We offer a host of our custom learning solutions right from Instructional Designing to Rapid Authoring Solutions to Multi-Device Solutions to Content localisation to Instructor Lead Training. All these and more are catered without any compromise in the delivery cycle and at an economical costing. To know more about our content e-learning solutions, visit //

September 26, 2019