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How Customised eLearning can Help to propel the Government’s New Educational Initiatives?

August 17, 2020 news banner 57

With the advancing technology, the government has big plans to sync education with the practical knowledge. Hence the government has devised current policies which focus on the  use of various technologies as the current times demand them. In regards to the same, software will be introduced from grade 6th and higher emphasis will be laid on mathematical thinking, and critical thinking. Also, children with an inclination towards the science subject will be encouraged in all possible ways to pursue their ambition. On the other hand, children who are interested in arts and other studies will be encouraged too through an internship. So to sum up, the primary focus will be on the need for inclusion of all types of children’s interest and motivate them. All these efforts would help to shape India’s future in the right direction.

Possible hurdles

The government‘s plan to incorporate technology to enhance understanding of the children may turn out to be a game changer. However, just by showing some images and one or two animated clips related to a topic, using the internet or an application may not help the cause. The reason being, for the children to understand a piece of information, complete explanation of the concept is required. Unless 360° view of the concept is provided to the children, they may end up mugging up or they may have half knowledge about it. This is where customised elearning solution will turn out to be a handy tool.

Why customised e-learning solution?

Established and experienced e-learning companies like VK Creative Learning (VKCL) create customised e-learning solution based on the inputs of the schools, teachers, parents, and the children so that the e-learning materials suits the learning style of the children and helps them to understand the concepts comprehensively. Additionally many research studies suggest that children’s brains are stimulated by animated motion films. Hence VKCL uses 3D and 2-D animations in its customised e-learning solution. Besides animations, game based learning activities and quizzes are also included in the e-learning solution.

How customized e-learning solution can prove out to be the best learning tool to boost government’s new educational initiatives?

The government’s plan to introduce programming, and inculcate mathematical and critical thinking among the students who are interested in those subjects can find a big boost through the customized e-learning solution. This is because for learning any programming language, a lot of explanation has to be done with multiple examples and different cases. In addition to this, even the rights and wrongs of the syntaxes used in programming have to be made clear by showing different types of programs. Similarly for developing critical thinking and mathematical skills, a detailed explanation of the concepts from daily life, with the use of 3-D and 2-D animation and simulations have to be provided. These features could only be found in a customized e-learning solution, which is created after doing a lot of research work and based on the practical applications. Furthermore, the customized e-learning solution provides a progress report of the students, so that they can understand their area of weakness and work on the same. Thus, customized e-learning solution turns out to be the complete package and the best solution for harnessing the potential of the future generation.

August 17, 2020