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How customised eLearning solution offer experiential learning, knowledge skills and work productivity?

November 23, 2020 news banner 80

With the evolving technologies, it has become mandatory for the professionals to keep themselves updated with the new skills and knowledge about the latest technology. In other words, acquiring new skills from time to time is the new normal. For the same reason, organisations perform regular training sessions. However, the problem with the physical training sessions is that the certain number of training attendees find it difficult to understand the content, as they may be new to the topic and a lot of information in form of technical terms and jargon is bombarded to their mind in one or two hours. Post this training session, they are expected to work on the technology. This is a big predicament for some professionals as they have hardly got acquainted with the new technology during the training session. Honestly, this is not the professional's fault since it would be very difficult for anyone to work very easily on something which they haven’t understood and they aren’t familiarised with. 

So does this mean that physical training sessions may not enhance skills? How can the training session be made better?

Physical training sessions are very useful to enhance skill and to increase productivity. The only concern with the physical training session is that some individuals require some time for learning. Hence squeezing in a lot of information into their brain in a couple of hours may not augur well with them. These individuals require some time and experience working with the concepts and applying them in the real world. Thus a training session which includes experiential learning may help to easily breeze through the learning curve without any problems. Customised e-learning solution is one of the best-known e-learning training platforms which even the research studies have shown to improve the learning skills and memory retention.

What stats and research studies say about customised e-learning solution? How VKCL’s customised e-learning solution enhances the learning capabilities of the learner?

Multiple research studies indicate that people can learn and understand a topic only when they work on it for many hours or days or even months. In short, a complete understanding of a topic starts happening when people work on something continuously. This takes time and involvement of the individual.  The best aspect about learning through experience is that it sticks in the memory and creates an episodic memory of what action one had got involved in and its results. 

VK Creative Learning ( VKCL) customised e-learning solution highly focuses on experiential learning. The experiential learning in VKCL’s customised e-learning solution is achieved through simulations which creates an environment similar to the real world. While working on the simulations, the professionals can test various parameters and plug-in various cases to analyse and study them. When this is done, they can observe, explore, and understand the outcomes of various cases one by one and the best outcome suitable for business productivity. Thus, they involve themselves and continue learning fast. The best aspect of the VKCL’s customised e-learning solution’s simulation is that when it comes to industrial production, organisations do not have to invest in creating a physical environment to make the professional understand the working of a new machine or chemical plant as the simulation creates similar scenarios, keeping the technicians safe.


November 23, 2020