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How E-learning Affects Training

January 20, 2020 news banner 19

Digital Learning or E-Learning is nothing but the kind of learning or development where the knowledge is been delivered in a digital way. According to Hindustan Times- “E-Learning has been evolving to meet the Digital India Challenge”

And in the recent UK-India business council report designated meeting India’s Educational Challenge Through E-Learning stated that India comes in the second position as biggest E-Learning market globally after the U.S. 

E-Learning can transform the face of any country. The use of technology in the form of E-Learning for effective learning can be seen by spreading the light of education in the darkest corners of the national. The potential of E-Learning is very huge in India as Indian Market size in Trillion which is increasing almost every year. 

Millions of people could be added to the workplace globally with the help of E-Learning. E-Learning is everywhere in workplace learning and in higher education. E-Learning enabled learning in the workplace has grown from 120% from 2000 through 2018. 

According to United States National Centre for Education Statistics reported 115% increase in the number of college students taking online courses.

Almost 40% of the Fortune companies use E-Learning to train their employees. 

Prediction shows that by the end of 2022 E-Learning market worldwide will excel 244billion U.S. dollars. In 2018 the self paced E-Learning product market amounted to 46.67 billion U.S. dollars and is predicted to increase to 53.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. 

About 63% of the faculty worldwide supports the use of E-Learning while providing the training. 

Benefits of E-Learning-

E-Learning is important for training because it can improve the quality of the training experience and does can extend the reach of trainer to the trainees.

E-Learning does help to remove the barriers to accomplishment by providing improved and creative ways of encouraging and appealing learners of all abilities, inspiring every learner to complete their training program.

E-Learning can be delivered in the various languages as per the pupil attending the training sessions.

E-Learning creates online participants to practice as per their schedule. The internet can bring trainers, learners, experts together to practice and deliver contents and share ideas at the same time from any part of the globe.

E-Learning provides virtual learning world where learners can participate actively and create learning environment with other participants simultaneously. 

Effectiveness of E-Learning in Training-

Trainers can provide improved training experience making the course more interactive and hassle free.

With the help of faster internet connectivity and bandwidth the course material reaches out to every individual for the training purpose. 

Delivery of technical support in training through E-Learning at variety of ranges. 

Lower prices for association.

Suitable content in suitable languages for various learners participating in the same training program from different parts of land.

 E-Learning is vast and the fastest learning technology in corporations and education. Trainers using E-Learning can see satisfying changes in the work performance of the employees. Trainees are much more benefited if given blended training process. In order to maximize the pot

January 20, 2020