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How e-learning solution can increase productivity of the workforce

November 05, 2019 news banner 6

Usually, organizations incorporate a training mechanism for upgrading knowledge of their employees.However, sometimes, the sessions fail to make the desired impact on them as either the knowledge imparted during the training is not implemented in real world or the participants do not get comprehensive knowledge about the topics covered during the session.Importantly, such knowledge dissemination methodologies not only fail to boost the employee’s performance but also hurt the company finance, in the form of training expenditure.

Being acquainted with these and other downsides of the online and traditional training, we, at VK Creative Learning, offer e-learning options such as Customized Learning Solution, Instructor Led Learning, Rapid Authoring, VR/AR Learning solution, and many more. Our learning solutions are different from traditional classroom teaching system because they are tailor made learning solutions, created to suit the requirements of the professionals. They include lectured videos, info graphics; visuals story lines; assessments; simulations; game-based activities; assessment; performance aids, and many more learning aids.

To further elaborate with an example, our Customized Learning Solutions are client centric and meets global quality standards. It is developed after hearing out the thoughts, plans, and business objectives of the clients in such a way that the learning solution helps to speed up the learning and increases learner’s engagement.

In addition, the vastly experienced instructors are industry experts who use real world examples to explain a concept. Also, the e-learning solutions contain simulations and tasks that make a learner to participate in the virtual scenarios; analyse the challenges in them, and come out with a solution. Thus the participants work on the same scenarios as they would face in the workplace. This type of smart solution ensures learning, skill development, and improved performance.Furthermore, few other benefits of the e-learning solutions are that they are cost effective; takes less developmental time; offers progress track; supports audio and media; self-paced; interactive; incorporates latest technologies, etc. To sum up, e-learning solutions are customized learning solutions created to impart effective learning and boost productivity, considering the necessities and time constraint of the learners.


November 05, 2019