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How e-learning solution is helping children with special needs

November 25, 2019 news banner 8

There was a time when many children around the world facing problems such as autism,vision problem, cerebral palsy, short attention span; slow learning and or other kind of disability had tough times achieving education. As per a UNICEF statistics, 1 in 10 children worldwide have some or other form of disability and only 10% of children having disabilities in low income countries have access to school. Placing them with ordinary children did not help them as the absorption of information was not on the same level as ordinary children. Also, some children with special needs required alternative instructions, and more attention with extra with the development of technology, there has been paradigm shift in the way children with disabilities are taught to help them to overcome their learning disability.  E-learning course is one solution which revolves around customized solution ensures that children with special needs are provided with learning materials that suits their learning style and pace. To be specific, e-learning solutions be created for:

November 25, 2019