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How eLearning Companies can Help to Create Appealing Content based on the Latest Government Educational Policies?

October 04, 2020 news banner 68

The latest educational policies introduced by the education department of India seem to focus on rendering practical knowledge. This will be done by syncing theoretical knowledge with the practical sessions. This is the need of the hour, considering Indian education lags in many areas compared to the international educational standards. Introduction of new practises like students being taught coding from sixth grade onwards; instilling mathematical thinking; critical and logical thinking, and encouragement for scientific learning are the core agendas of new education policy. These techniques may not only help the gifted children to progress further but also help the students who are weak in studies, as the focus will be more on practical learning rather than rote memorisation. Besides these, the multidisciplinary approach will also ensure that the students interested in a particular disciplinary subject get to strengthen their knowledge roots, using vocational skills while they leave the school and move on to the next level of education.

About VKCL and how it fits in the modified education scheme of things?

About VKCL: VKCL, equipped with the best industry subject matter experts, creative content developers, experienced graphic designers, and multimedia specialists, offers the best in the class academic and K-12 solutions to the schools, various institutions, and universities. We develop different types of academic e-learning solutions for the schools, institutes, and universities around the globe. Our academic experts are capable of creating a wide variety of content based on Indian and international curriculum standards that include STATE, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, Cambridge, and International Baccalaureate (IB). Importantly, we develop different types of content to make the e-learning materials interesting and appealing for the learners. For the same, we make use of three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations, simulations, and various types of images to support the concepts. The amalgamation of qualities, that is, capability to build animation and simulation content and the vast experience to build a wide variety of content make us one of the most reliable and preferred content development players in the academic e-learning industry. Additionally, we create custom content for different entities based on their specific content requirements. We develop e-learning solutions in such a way that the content not only fulfils their needs but also takes care of the learning pace and style of the learners.

How can VKCL help schools, institutions, and universities to develop content based on the modified educational policies?

Since VKCL is equipped with the specialists, having vast experience and skills to develop appealing and immersive academic e-learning content for the learners, there is a high chance that the students will end up enhancing their theoretical and practical knowledge. This is possible because we develop various 3-D and 2-D animations; simulations; many examples with diagrammatic representation, and infographics associated with a concept only after consulting the concerned academic experts, teachers, and students. Thus, we leave no stone stones unturned to ensure that the content is simplified, easily understood, and well structured. These steps will not only remove the complexities and untangle the tough learning path but also ensure that the students get thorough understanding of them. Also, students can utilize the learned concepts in their internship, introduced by the government for some grades.


October 04, 2020