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How Game based eLearning solutions can enhance the learning skills of the school students?

March 17, 2021 news banner 111

Students will not be able to absorb any information if the learning process is not interesting. Learning cannot be achieved through rote memorisation. Then what is the way out? Learning happens when a learner can learn in such a way that he can apply it in real-world scenarios to solve real-life problems. 

How game-based learning can help you to learn?

When you play games, your mind can understand the environment around you. It analyses and supplies whatever knowledge you have, without breaking the rules of the game, in such a way that you turn out to be successful in it. Once you get a hang of the game that has to be played, you start becoming the best at it. This is evident as you move up the levels in the game. This is also observed when kids learn to crawl or try to walk. They do so in such a way that they can learn what they want, avoiding all the unnecessary risks.

In other words, understanding and playing games involve a lot of learning processes. It can be a simple game or a complex game. This is called game-based learning. A game-based e-learning solution can help learners in the form of children to understand concepts thoroughly. It can also enhance the capability of their problem-solving skill and push them into a mode of scientific learning. Owing to all these advantages, game-based e-learning solutions can transform the education process. 

Game-based e-learning solutions for children

Consider this, a learner has difficulty in understanding geography. Various plateau movements or reasons for volcanic activities could be understood through e-learning solution. The e-learning courseware would show the animations explaining various processes involved in both natural events. Post this, the students will be asked fun-based Q&A games by asking various questions based on the explanation provided to them. The best aspect being the Q&A will be in the form of simulation which would show diagrams and various options. One of the options will be correct. This way the students' understanding is tested. Similarly for mathematics, difficult topics such as circles and triangles in geometry could be explained through animation. Following this, proof based on the theorems would be discussed with the students through simulation. 

Benefits of Game-based e-learning solutions

Given below are some major benefits of game-based e-learning solutions which contain animation, simulations, assignments, and tests.

  1. It helps to learn altogether different which their confidence and encourages self-learning
  2. The questions are in the form of animations and simulations for students. So students don’t get a feeling as they usually do while attempting a test in textual form.
  3. Helps in bringing out the best potential in them
  4. It helps to develop both cognitive and non-cognitive skills
  5. Students learn to apply these concepts in the real-life scenarios

VKCL’s Game-based e-learning solutions

Being in the e-learning space for more than 10 years, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) has mastered the art of creating game-based scenarios so that the learners are hooked on to the learning sessions. The best aspect about VKCL’s Game-based e-learning solutions is that it creates the gaming session based on the exact requirements of the clients.


March 17, 2021