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How K-12 education could be made more interesting, engaging, and immersive through K-12 eLearning solutions?

June 06, 2020 news banner 42

Though technology has developed a lot, many schools in India prefer to adopt teaching the old school way. Many feel if the teacher has taught a chapter, children must have understood whatever has been taught. Some schools owing to the lack of proper guidance feel that certain forms of technological learning assistance to enhance learning such as K-12 eLearning solutions and internet are not of much use - even without trying once. On the other hand, there are many schools in Indian metropolitan cities that have reaped the benefits of implementation of the eLearning solutions. 

Which is best – the old traditional way of teaching or the eLearning solutions? 


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We, at VK Creative Learning, being in the education industry for more than a decade work with a panel of experts from the education sector; companies who perform surveys, and regularly  have discussions with schools and parents. What we found out working and discussing with people from various walks of life was very confounding.  The belief that teachers are enough to teach students and any form of technological assistance should be ignored may sound ideal and the best solution. However the question is, is it a practical and workable solution? To elaborate, if teacher’s guidance was enough, why would children in India go to a coaching class? The education scenario in India is, unfortunately, so scary that children start going to coaching class right from grade one! The reasons for this being, parents may be from a rural area, with less education, or parents in the cities may be busy with their work life, unable to give the required attention to their child. Also what we noticed was about 20% of the children in a class would have understood each and every topic taught by the faculty. The reason being, irrespective of how good a school teacher is, visualization is left up to the student’s brain.

How K-12 eLearning solutions can be helpful to improve learning skills?


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Understanding of the students can be improved only when students use visualization skills to the best of their capabilities. However it is impossible for all students to imagine all that is taught to them by the teacher. Also K-12 curriculum being application based, it becomes more important for the children to completely comprehend all that is taught to them. Moreover students would be able to apply the taught concepts in real life only when the concepts have gotten ingrained in their mind. This is where VKCL’s K-12 eLearning solutions can prove out to be useful. Our K-12 eLearning solutions are designed to support both teaching in the classrooms and self-learning. To help students with the visualization, K-12 eLearning solutions contain detailed and well explained textual information; animated videos, simulations, plenty of images, and assessments. Animated videos with voiceover are engaging, and hence put less stress on their brain. Additionally, simulation based activities; diagrams, and images are incorporated to provide an immersive experience to the learners. Thus with all these innovative features, learners absorb the majority of the concepts like a sponge. They are neither constantly pressurized to imagine each and every scenario nor their cognitive abilities are overloaded. Also, learners get the best and broad understanding of the topics being covered.


June 06, 2020