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How to choose an eLearning content development partner for creating K-12 or corporate eLearning solutions?

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ELearning’s market growth is on a new high in the present times. Interestingly, they have become highly relevant and hugely popular in the education and corporate sectors, as unlike conventional classroom, eLearning removes the restriction of learning in a classroom and at a particular time. All a child or corporate professional requires is a computer, tablet, or mobile device with internet connection. Thus the growing likeness towards eLearning is easy to comprehend, irrespective of the industry. But under the pretext of getting eLearning courseware done, an organization should not choose any eLearning solution partner, ignoring its experience, capability, reputation, and growth. The reason being, the eLearning solutions partner you choose will decide how successful your company would be in the future. In this article, we will share different aspects you need to consider while selecting an eLearning solution provider.


Criteria to be considered while outsourcing the work of eLearning content development 


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While looking out for an eLearning solution partner or provider, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Experience: The most indispensable factor of all factors is “Experience” of the eLearning solution partner. Unless the eLearning solution has the relevant experience and knowledge, the eLearning courseware will be far from being the K-12 or corporate eLearning solution you had envisaged.
  2. Team and talent:  Creation of the best K-12 eLearning solutions or corporate eLearning solutions hinges highly on the key players, namely, project managers, content developers, instructional designers, visual designers, multimedia experts, and quality auditors.
  3. Capability: Does the eLearning content provider have the capability to fulfil the specific requirements listed down by you in the K-12 or corporate eLearning solution?
  4. Getting into the specificity: You need to know how robust is the eLearning content provider’s supporting assets, timing, and work-flow compatibility to align with your thoughts and objectives.
  5.  Pricing: Pricing is the most significant aspect of eLearning content development. However, this does not mean you look out for the cheapest content creator. This is where wise organizations use their skills and experience to zero on an eLearning solution partner which is best at doing its job but at a budget agreeable to both parties. For the same, you must work out the best budget with the eLearning content creators, without making any big compromises on the content.

Tie-up with the best eLearning content creator – VKCL


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We, VK Creative Learning (VKCL), have been in the eLearning industry from past one decade, creating content for various industries - right from education to corporate world to manufacturers. We don’t advocate you work with us directly. You can discuss your requirements with our vastly experienced team consisting of CEO, project manager, content developers, or any team member you wish to, so that all your specific needs and minute details do not go unnoticed and are included in the K-12 eLearning solution or corporate eLearning solution. What distinguishes us from the rest of the pack is our ability to develop “customized” content that suits your needs precisely, without any compromise on the content. Above all, you will always have control over the eLearning courseware being developed, as you are free to contact us anytime during the working hours.



June 09, 2020