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How can VKCL play a vital role to develop impactful elearning solutions as per the new educational policy?

August 03, 2020 news banner 54

The Indian government has replaced 34-year-old educational policy. Key highlights of the revolutionary changes are:

1. A single supervising body for higher education institutions

2. The Human Resource Development ministry will be replaced by the Ministry Of Education.

3. UGC and the Technical education council have been combined.

4. Common entrance exam should be given for a university to get admission.

5. Internship has been introduced for the school children after certain grades, through vocational education.

6. Up to 5th grade, students can be taught in their mother tongue or regional language.

7. Undergraduate students can opt for a break in the middle of the course.

8. MPhil programmes has been discontinued

9. Indian universities with exceptional performance will be assisted to set up campuses in other countries.

10.  Incorporating various technologies in the current education system to simplify learning for the students. This is where e-learning solutions will play a bigger role to help the students understand this subject easily.

Detailed explanation of other important changes in the current education system

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Schooling: Schooling begins at the age of 3 years now. The New Education Policy brings the rule of mandatory schooling from 3 to 18 years. The 10 +2 education system, wherein the children had to appear for 10th board exam and 12th board exam, has been toned down and they hold less importance. In fact, the 10+2 education system has been replaced by the 5+3+3+4 system. The stage five here denotes the formal early education years; the stages 3+3 denote the middle school, and the four years stands for education from 9th to 12th grades.

Small children will be encouraged to learn through games, play, and different activities. The idea is to make children learn through different mediums of learning. Schools can make use of e-learning solutions to show 3-D and 2-D animations, with different characters narrating stories or singing poems for the kids, so that children find them interesting and learn from them without much effort. Students will be introduced to slightly higher concepts related to mathematics, science, humanities and arts, as they move to higher grades, with a higher emphasis to widen the scope of learning related to the abstract concepts.

How VKCL can help different schools, institutions, and universities with its e-learning solutions services?

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VK Creative Learning has been one of the pioneers of the e-learning industries, from the past one decade. In the current scenario, VKCL can help all the educational entities to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional educational animated content and educational courseware. The most distinguishing aspect about its e-learning courseware is that the learning materials are designed and developed by the experienced and highly educated teachers, animation experts, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists. Besides these, even the inputs of the teachers, parents, and children are taken while developing the e-learning solutions so that they are best in nature, suiting the learning peace and style of the students. Further even concepts of working in a lab with chemicals, engines, motors and electronics are introduced as a part of learning activity in the academic e-learning solution. This way VKCL has helped many schools, institutions, universities, and organisations to develop e-learning solutions that have eased the efforts in teaching the students.



August 03, 2020