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How To Make an E-Learning Course Engaging and Simplified

May 14, 2022 news banner 221

There is a lot of e-learning content available on the internet but hardly a few are able to succeed in engaging their learners to the extent where the learners feel that they have learned something new. In other words, some e-learning solutions do not turn out to be engaging.

Sometimes, it may so happen that the e-learning content may be informative but may not have the necessary elements such as images or videos to make the content interesting and engaging.

Thus, it can be observed that unless e-learning courseware has all the necessary engaging elements, the learners may not be interested to go through it.

Keeping these aspects under consideration, we are going to discuss several techniques that can make your learners fall in love with your e-learning course

Techniques to make an e-learning course engaging and simplified

Given below are some of the best techniques so that you can make your e-learning solution simplified and engaging to a larger extent.

Going through an e-learning content should be an experience:
When learners go through your e-learning course, they shouldn’t feel that the content is monotonous, boring, and not understandable. This happens if there are no engaging elements in the e-learning course. In other words, learning through your e-learning content should be more like they’re having a conversation with another person and it should be easygoing for them.

To capture the attention of the learners, you may introduce questions that would make them think and engage them actively. This will also make them to go through the content again to find the answer and hence, revision may happen through this process. This process will be useful if you have introduced a new topic. This technique helps the learners relate to the concept.

Understanding your audience:

You should know your audience before you design your course because unless you know your audience you may not be able to engage them. It will be like you want to call someone in a crowded place but you don’t know how to get his attention or you don’t know his name.

Thus, you need to pick a style and tone while designing the e-learning course which would resonate with your learners. For example, you should know what would work with different learners or learners of different levels, that is, beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

You should be able to provide content as per the level of the learners. To elaborate, you need to cover only the basic information for a learner of beginner level; however, you need to cover information up to a certain extent for learners of intermediate level. For advanced level learners, you can skip the basics and you can focus more on the advanced nature of a topic.

Keeping the information relevant to the topic and learners:

There is a lot that you can offer in your e-learning course in terms of informative content. But, if it is not relevant to the learners, they may lose interest. You should also keep in mind that learners who are working for an organization hardly have any spare time to dedicate some time for learning. Thus, it is very important that you retain information in your e-learning content that is relevant and interesting from the learner’s perspective.

You should always remember that your learners are like your customers and if you don’t show them something, which is relevant to them or something which they like, there is a high chance they may not come back and check out the content again.

Create content as if you’re creating content for the learners with short attention spans: 

In this fast-paced world, not many will have time to go through the exhaustive content. Hence, make sure that your content is up to the point and compact. This will ensure that the learners with short attention spans are able to comprehend your content and they find the content interesting.

Engaging writing style matters:

The way you write the content and the layout of the content would decide whether your learners would stick to your content or leave it in the middle. To put it in a different way, the content should connect with the audience to such an extent that he should get engaged with the content and think about its application in real-world scenarios. When this happens, your content will be inspiring, engaging, and persuasive.

Use of simple language:

To make the content interesting, ensure that your content doesn’t have a lot of technical jargon or difficult nouns and adjectives, which the learners may not understand. Try to keep the language as simple as possible so that the learners will be able to comprehend it easily. 

Try to explain the content in such a way that as if you are explaining some concept to your friend. To make the content interesting and understandable, you can make use of short sentences. Make use of longer sentences as minimal as possible and only when they are needed.

Making use of stories, analogies, and examples:

Introducing stories, quotes, analogies, and examples is the best way to stir the interest of the learners. You will have to use examples that the learners may possibly come across in their daily life. You will have to use quotes and analogies in such a way that the learners should be able to correlate quotes and analogies with themselves. Importantly, don’t unnecessarily stretch the stories or make use of examples that are not related to the topic or steer away from the topic.

Making use of animations and simulations:

If you use only text in your content with few images, there is a high possibility that your learners will drift away from the learning process. Hence, the introduction of some engaging elements like animations, which make understanding of the concepts easy, and simulations, which makes content interactive, is necessary.

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May 14, 2022