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How Virtual Reality based eLearning Solutions can help Medical Students to Enhance Learning?

September 26, 2020 news banner 66

Technology, nowadays, has advanced a lot. The medical field is one of the sectors that has been making use of the technology to the optimum level to ensure the best treatments for the patients. MRI scan, sonography, and PET scan are the latest high-level advancements which have helped to save millions of patients across the globe. Another cutting-edge concept in the medical world that is gaining a lot of popularity is virtual reality devices. Virtual reality technology can not only be used by the doctors but also for teaching and giving practical training to medical students. Though the use of virtual reality devices by the doctors is still to make it to all hospitals around the world, e-learning solutions in virtual reality devices for training purposes can be used by all the medical institutes worldwide to offer an in-depth understanding of the medical concepts

Medical e-learning solution

Medical e-learning solution can be used to explain different complex concepts to the students. For instance, instead of slipping into the hospital gown to understand operation procedures carried out by the surgeons in the operation theatre, the same experience can be gained by slipping on virtual reality devices, in the form of headgear, containing e-learning medical content. This would ensure that the medical students gain a thorough understanding of the surgery procedure even without entering the operation theatre. To be specific, medical students can first understand the functioning of different organs, vessels, veins, and arteries thoroughly through the virtual reality e-learning solution. Once they have completely understood all the concepts, their exams can be conducted to understand their level of grasped knowledge. Then if suitable candidates with the needed knowledge are found, they can become part of the surgery or any medical procedure in the form of assistance to the medical experts or even surgeons.


How VKCL’s medical e-learning solution would ensure that medical students get a detailed understanding of the concepts?

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is considered as one of the reliable and acclaimed e-learning content providers from the past decade. It has vast experience in catering to different forms of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality e-learning content to different industry players. To ensure that best quality virtual reality e-learning content is provided to the medical world, it employs medical experts, multimedia specialists, best graphic designers, vastly experience content writers, and other required experts.

VK Creative Learning’s (VKCL) virtual reality-based e-learning solution will present a 2-dimensional and three-dimensional view of different organs, veins, arteries, and other body parts to the students. These animations will show a 360° view of different body parts and bones to the students. Thus compared to conventional reference books with limited two-dimensional diagrams, VKCL’s virtual reality-based e-learning solution offers a hundred times better view of the learning concepts.

This may help the students to understand the working of the parts and problems developed, under different conditions. Once the students have got a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the body parts, the student will become confident and will be ready for treating any medical conditions. Importantly since the e-learning solution renders augmented learning, it helps the students doing courses like MBBS or any undergraduate medical courses to decide about the specialisation stream they need to opt for in the post-graduation program.


September 26, 2020