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How VKCL customised solutions uses AI to boost the learning and memory retention skills of the learners?

July 14, 2020 news banner 51

Being in the content and e-learning industries for more than a decade, VK creative learning (VKCL) has specialised the task of incorporation of artificial intelligence (A.I) into corporate e-learning solutions and K12 e-learning solutions. As per market research, A.I will become a key factor in driving the e-learning industry, and the use of A.I will keep growing in the coming years. It is estimated that investment in the A.I Market will grow to billions of dollars by 2025. 

Understanding what is A.I

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) has been designed to mimic the way humans think and carry out various tasks. Artificial intelligence uses highly complicated algorithms to understand how humans talk or understand their voices. Additionally, A.I understands the vast amounts of data and processes them to decipher the patterns, followed by the humans to interact with each other. A.I is commonly used in games, and some of the best uses include utilisation of it inside the high-end devices such as Amazon Alexa in echo, Google Assistant in Google Home, Apple Siri in iPhones and IPads, and E-learning solutions. 

Why VKCL feels A.I is going to be the key factor in the growth of e-learning industry in the coming years?

We, at VKCL, feel that A.I has a big role to play in the development of the e-learning industry. One of the chief reasons for the same being, its implementation allows corporate e-learning solutions and K12 e-learning solutions to become better in terms of student’s engagement. This is the biggest game changer as far as the digital content is concerned compared to the conventional form of learning from text or reference books. Additionally A.I’s capability to hold the learner’s attention and offer an interactive medium for learning propels and accelerates the learning potential of the learners. Also, it helps them to discover the new learning frontiers. Thus artificial intelligence used in e-learning solutions will not only enhance learning but also turn into a guide and faculty for the learners to help them to achieve the greatest heights.

How VKCL uses artificial intelligence in its e-learning solutions?


  1. VKCL uses artificial intelligence for helping the students to understand and explain complex problems. Similarly the search engine in the e-learning solutions, integrated as a part of artificial intelligence algorithm, fetches the best and exact results for the learners when they type a query. 
  2. One of the forms of artificial intelligence used in VKCL’s e-learning solutions is virtual assistant. It is designed to understand doubts and questions of the learners related to the training course program. It allows the learners to ask their doubts and questions about any topics included in the courseware. Our virtual assistant responds to the voice commands of the learners, and helps them to enhance their learning skills.
  3. Artificial intelligence has been smartly designed to even help physically challenged and visually impaired professionals and students. The best aspect about our virtual assistant is that it offers a prompt reply to their queries.
  4. Our artificial intelligence smartly keeps track of the learner’s progress. Importantly, it points out the topics which they need to focus more on, and suggests the chapters they should revise again to get a thorough understanding of them.

July 14, 2020