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How VKCL develops next generation futuristic eLearning courseware?

January 04, 2021 news banner 92

As per research studies, the growth of e-learning market in India is phenomenal as it is capable of touching an earning of billion marks by 2025. About 1.5 million schools in India and more than 16,000 higher educational institutes are considered as the major reasons for its steady growth phase. Hence, many e-learning companies in India are focussing on bringing out innovative e-learning courseware for schools and universities. 

VKCL’s innovative and engrossing academic and K-12 eLearning solutions

VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one such EDTECH organisation which believes in developing unique, engrossing, and practical e-learning solutions.  The e-learning courseware encourages the students to think beyond the usual school curriculum and explore the factors and reasons behind why and how things happen around them in the real world. VKCL’s application-based e-learning solutions are customised to suit the learning pace and style of the students.

For the same, it deploys scholars from the educational industry, multimedia specialists, Subject Matter Expert, experienced programmers, and many other specialists. Additionally, complex artificial intelligence algorithms, crosscutting concepts, three-dimensional learning, NRC Framework, and many more methodologies are incorporated within the e-learning courseware to render high quality and 360-degree learning. These measures also push students to think in an altogether different way from a problem-solving point of view through scientific research. To elaborate, they are made to explore, analyse, understand, and solve complex real-world problems which in turn helps to retain the information in the memory.

Why does VKCL focus on the next-generation eLearning courseware?

With an expansion in the Indian digital market due to the growth of smartphone and tablet users, and increasing penetration of internet into the small towns, VKCL intends to create innovative e-learning solutions so that it can reach every nook and corner of India that would allow students to get the best education and they would be able to learn from any place as per their convenience. VKCL uses the latest technological developments and new-age technology platforms in e-learning solutions to boost the performance of the students.

For the same, two dimensional and three-dimensional animations, simulations, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality e-learning solutions are created to explain various concepts. Watching these e-learning animations or a new virtual world filled with information is a delight for students as they end up absorbing the concepts comprehensively. The fascinating aspect of the e-learning courseware is that it incorporates virtual labs wherein the students could try out different experiments to understand the application of the concepts in the real world. Besides these, the user interface of academic e-learning solutions is so simplistic and easy to understand.

More distinguishing features of VKCL’s academic and K-12 eLearning solutions

VKCL, a reputed and acclaimed e-learning company in India, endeavours to cater the best, informative, and inspiring e-learning solutions to the schools. It also develops K-12 curriculum-based e-learning courseware and focuses on launching various ingenious e-learning content in different devices such as tablets, mobiles, augmented reality and virtual reality devices, etc. Our assessment specialists utilise and link multiple taxonomy based on Indian and international global curriculum standards. This mapping technique helps to develop appealing content for a wide variety of boards such as STATE, CBSE, ICSE, CAMBRIDGE, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Common Core based on US standards – be it Elementary, Middle or High School. 


January 04, 2021