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How VKCL fulfills schools & universities educational needs with its eLearning Solution?

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Learning nowadays is not the way it was before. In the present times, students seem to have a better perspective of educational needs than their parents. They have become dextrous enough to multitask and juggle several day to day tasks with education, keeping a realistic and practical approach to the situations. Thus today’s generation is passionate about learning with a specified goal in the mind to achieve something big in life, learning has become a continuous and active process for them. However further impetus to the learner’s enthusiasm is not complemented if learning is performed using a traditional approach which lacks the desired learning impact. This where VK Creative Learning (VKCL) K-12 based eLearning solution and eLearning courseware for university students can be helpful. We, at VKCL, believe the best form of learning happens when ‘learning by doing’ approach is implemented. Thus studded with details, video lectures, 2D and 3D animations and real life application based simulations; VKCL launched a learner-oriented eLearning courseware, designed to be a self-sustaining or supporting medium to impart knowledge in a structured, simplified, and easy to comprehend way.  

VKCL’s eLearning solution for K-12 curriculum and universities


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VKCL built an eLearning solution for K-12 curriculum and universities implementing a well established set of globally approved coaching standards, and based on the concept of ‘learn by doing’ approach. The courseware has been designed using a variety of innovative teaching methodologies and practises. 2D and 3D animations, virtual practice lab and a wide range of simulation environments are introduced for enhanced understanding. Our primary motive behind the creation of an eLearning solution for K-12 curriculum schools and universities was to bridge the difference between the present level of education and the expectations from the students in the workplace. Through virtual labs and simulations, our objective is to produce super-skilled and proficient graduates so that they don’t face any form of difficulties, moving from school to college, and finally to employment. We adopted global learning technology standards such as SCORM and AICC to ensure communication between eLearning solutions and learning management systems (LMSs) is streamlined.

Features of our eLearning solution for K-12 curriculum schools and universities


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Some of the outstanding and unparalleled features of eLearning solution for K-12 curriculum schools and universities are as follows:

  1. We integrated interactive simulation into the eLearning courseware so that students can learn by doing activities based on the concepts. While performing the activity, if the learner performs any mistake or fails to understand any topic, the shortcomings are rectified through immediate feedback, and the student is made to repeat the respective activity so that learning happens in an in-depth manner. 
  2. The eLearning solution is designed to create content using different platforms such as Adobe Captivate, Animate CC, HTML5, Action Scripts like Java and to support a wide range of content formats such as PDFs, JPEG, PNG, PowerPoint format, and many other formats, so that your old content can be given an appealing 2D or 3D animated and graphical animation looks through our experts.
  3. Includes standardized educational content required for both learners and faculties such as animated video lectures; virtual laboratories and experiments, and dedicated charts and graphs to ensure students gain deep understanding through ‘learning by doing’ approach.

June 17, 2020