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How VKCL goes an extra mile to develop impactful and engaging eLearning animated solutions from childrens perspective

April 24, 2020 news banner 29

VKCL thoughts for developing impactful eLearning courseware  

VKCL has been creating various types of eLearning content, right from K12 eLearning solution to school boards eLearning solutions, for a host of schools and educational content developers all across India and world. For developing K12 or academic eLearning solution, we didn’t choose an easier path as others would normally do - something schools and big names in educational industries liked about us. To elaborate, we very well knew that developing a 2D/3D eLearning solution without the essential captivating factors for the children might not necessarily augur well with the children’s interest and imagination. So we set about knowing those X factors which would click with the students and get them hooked to the educational eLearning content before developing our own animated solutions. 

What we understood by interviewing children in terms of their requirements and preferences – something which would make an academic eLearning solution effective 

Our experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts (SME), and multimedia experts discussed children's preferences and liabilities of different grades and ages. A common factor that surfaced was children liked animated films, cartoons, and movies. Our experts went further to know what qualities in animated content would attract them the most. The answer was that animated films should have creativity; innovativeness; melodious songs; characters we all will fall in love with; bright and attractive colours, and above all, it should be entertaining, humorous, and fun to watch. We concluded that these qualities would surely capture a child’s attention, and open up new horizons to a vivid imagination.

Creating eLearning Content Development with the parameters defined by the children 


Cartoon cute monster set. funny fantastic creatures with angry happy surprised emotions Free Vector Kids wearing colorful costumes of different superheroes retro set isolated Free Vector

Thereafter, after a detailed discussion with the children, we set out to create various academic eLearning solutions based on K12 curriculum and different boards (STATE, CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE). We knew characters, and their actions and voices are something with which learners may get enchanted with. So we introduced fancy friendly characters (check image 1 the above) to match their imagination, such as a silly cute character which would jump all around the screen, thinking about various questions about a subject in an entertaining way with funny actions. These ways children would laugh and at the same time, listen to what the character would say. We would craft a powerful animated storyline, with the desired message delivered from beginning to the end.  

Natural disasters design concept Free Vector


Other highlighting features of our K12 or academic eLearning solutions

  • Be it K12 eLearning solution or academic eLearning solutions for various boards, all are rendered with high resolution animation with world class voiceover. 

  • Both 2D and 3D animations are created based on the requirements of the schools, universities, and the content providers.

  • We listen to an organization and school’s thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and business objectives before embarking on the eLearning content development task.

  • We provide customized eLearning animated solution 

  • We provide augmented and virtual reality eLearning solutions

  • We at VKCL, offer offline products and more than thousands of eLearning modules

  • We create animated eLearning solutions for different operating systems such as Android/ Windows and iOS.

April 24, 2020