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How VKCL harnessed the capabilities of AI to offer an impactful real-time questioning feature in its customised solution?

July 22, 2020 news banner 53

Have you ever wondered how a search engine, such as Google, auto completes a sentence, when you have written just a word? This is done using artificial intelligence which works on certain complex algorithms. Similarly complex algorithms are incorporated in our mobile so that we can find out our favourite apps easily using voice-over. Aren’t they wonderful features that understand, what is there in your mind and ease your work?

Harnessing the power of AI in the customised e-learning solutions

VK creative learning (VKCL) thought of harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence  (A.I) in its customised e-learning solutions, namely, academic and K-12 e-learning solutions and corporate e-learning solutions, so that these e-learning solutions can render enhanced understanding to the learning process. VKCL came out with the idea of embedding the potential of artificial intelligence into its customised e-learning solutions, since it realised certain downfalls of the conventional e-learning solutions based on textual content. For instance, one of the major hurdles that the learners faced while learning was the inability to get a doubt clarified as when the doubt surfaced in their minds. Most of the time, the learners had to waste their precious time by going through various websites and combing through the huge volume of information just to get an answer of one or two lines. Additionally many times, the learners were burdened with the task of searching for the answer through various search engines, which listed down a long list of websites. Going through these websites was a daunting task for the learners. Hence, VKCL’s team of artificial intelligence experts, instructional designers, multimedia experts, big data analysts, and content experts had put their heads together to incorporate A.I into various e-learning solutions. A.I based e-learning solutions would help the children and working professionals to get an in-depth understanding of the concepts and learn them easily. 

Real-time questioning feature in the customised e-learning solutions

VKCL’s experts used different highly complex algorithm methodologies such as sorting and searching, binary search, nesting operations, complex mathematical operations, and many other techniques to map several words in relevance to different contexts to create a real-time questioning feature. Additionally, algorithms were further refined in A.I fetching and sorting techniques so that a mammoth volume of data can be learned; stored in the memory, and crossmatched the words with contexts to answer any questions related to the taught chapter to the learners. The thought process behind this being, learners can raise their queries as when they come in their mind. VKCL went beyond the conventional A.I engine by incorporating voice-over assistants. With the help of a voice-over assistant, the learners could ask the A.I engine and get relevant answers quickly. Thus combining various complex algorithms, VKCL created A.I based customised e-learning solutions which could answer the questions of the learners on the go. In other words, the idea was to provide a virtual assistant or tutor that would assist the learners and avoid wastage of the learner’s time by waiting for the physical tutor. These steps of introducing a virtual tutor using artificial intelligence ensured that understanding of the intricate concepts are not left up to the learners and they got the best they deserved.


July 22, 2020