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How can VKCL help fast growing companies to train new recruits to get the best productivity out of them?

August 07, 2020 news banner 55

The growth of the companies across the globe was on an upward curve before the COVID-19 situation. Though the growth has been slightly affected by the coronavirus, there is a great future for all the organisations if they are ready to handle big businesses when COVID-19 situation ends. Similarly there are many industries who have been having a great time in the business worldwide, seeing an impressive amount of growth, irrespective of the situation. These organisations too need to gear themselves up when the current crisis is over as there is a high chance that they will get more businesses. In both the cases, the companies need to be ready with the skills by bringing in new talents so that they can be deployed at the growth stage, when the businesses flood in. The most vital factor that will decide their further growth is the way the new talents would be trained so that they would be available when new business opportunities come in. Thus, training through customized e-learning solutions holds the key for future business growth.

Why customised eLearning solutions?

When the organisations will start getting more business and they will start venturing into new business territories, addressing new customer base, and hence, they may have to add resources and train them. VK Creative Learning (VKCL), being acquainted with this fact, offers a host of customised e-learning solutions which includes e-learning training related to technical skills; sales and marketing skills; product and service development and deployment; language skills; communication skills, and many more areas. Importantly, VKCL uses a host of innovative and workable methodologies such as use of three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations and simulations with video lectures, conducted by the industry experts. Further, a trainee’s knowledge is tested through regular tests and quizzes. Additionally, e-learning training turns out to be more flexible as far as working professionals are concerned as it allows them to learn at a place and time of their convenience, without disturbing their daily routine programs. Also customised e-learning solutions augers well with an organisation’s idea to design and create an e-learning solution that fits its budget and helps the learners to study at their own pace and as per their learning style.

Compatibility of customised e-learning solutions with various devices

VKCL smartly designs and develops the customised e-learning solutions in such a way that they are compatible with different operating systems and devices. These include mobiles, tablets, home laptop, and desktop computers, working on Windows operating system, Linux operating system, Android operating system, iOS or macOS. What distinguishes VKCL from the rest of its competitors is the factor that VKCL is an advanced player in the e-learning industry with an experience of more than 10 years in developing e-learning content. In fact, it has been one of the organisations, which had switched over to HTML5 technology earlier, and offers its services in SaaS mode (software as a service). All these facilities allow the learners to check out the chapters on their devices when they have free time or while travelling too. These features lead to optimum learning and fast upgradation of the knowledge which in turn helps companies to get the workforce ready, and deploy them in any newly undertaken business.


August 07, 2020