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How VKCL incorporates Artificial Intelligences and Machine Learning to render in-depth understanding of the concepts?

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The current era is highly competitive, and so will be the future. Thus, it has become very necessary for the learners to keep themselves updated with the latest information to ensure that they stay ahead of their peers. However having said that, the competition should be healthy so that professionals can learn a lot from the training sessions, and discuss the learnt knowledge with each other to excel in their career path. Given this factor, VKCL, having an experience of more than 10 years in e-learning space, launched corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions which utilises Artificial Intelligences and Machine Learning to access and enhance the performance of the learners. Corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions were created after consulting various industry experts from different walks of life. They were A. I experts, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, content developers and editors, graphic designers, software developers, and Machine Learning engineers. 

About A.I and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are closely related to one another, being part of the computer science stream. They are the most trending technologies as of now along with Big Data for creating automated smart systems. But how are they closely related? Artificial Intelligence is a set of complex algorithms which utilizes machines to carry out various calculations; decision-making activities and multiple activities to perform several tasks smartly. On the other hand, Machine Learning focuses on the use of A.I by many machines to access a huge range of data so that they can comb through the data and analyse them to produce practical conclusions. In simple words, AI and Machine Learning are used to mimic human intelligence and help humans to make their life simpler. 

How VKCL incorporates A.I and Machine Learning in corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions to optimise learning?

Given below are the smart tasks performed in corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions with the help of both A.I and Machine Learning technologies to help professionals and children to excel in their desired fields.

  1. Analysis: VKCL utilises A.I and Machine Learning technologies to sift through vast amounts of data; process data, and map and recognize common patterns among them to produce possible outcomes and accomplish specific complex tasks assigned to them. 
  2. Deciphering learning patterns of the learners: Through the complex algorithms, A.I and Machine Learning are programmed to collect, process and suggest areas of improvements for professionals and students. VKCL’s A.I and Machine Learning techniques ensure that learners have gone through course materials and understood each topic. Then mock tests are conducted to test their understanding of the topics. 
  3. Plagiarism free content: A.I and Machine Learning ensure that submitted notes are plagiarism-free by scanning the notes and comparing them with available texts on the internet and books.
  4. Smart Search: Our highly advanced intricate algorithms fetch quick results for any queries asked by the learners.
  5. Personalized training: Each learner has his learning style and pace. Hence, A.I in our corporate eLearning solutions and K-12 eLearning solutions are designed to identify your style and pace of learning, and accordingly A.I accommodate them.

December 27, 2020