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How VKCL’s LMS progress tracking feature enhances learning and aids course designers ?

January 30, 2021 news banner 99

Of late, there has been a huge dependency growing on e-learning solutions for training purposes to achieve business and strategic goals. However unless the various features of progress tracking are included in the e-learning solution, learners may never come to know where they’re going wrong. Tracking the progress of the learners during a training program can not help to achieve training objectives but may also help to improve the productivity of the employees. More importantly, the course materials are created in such a way that only the relevant content is added which add value to the skill set of the workforce.

The speciality of VKCL’s Learning Management System (LMS) - Progress Tracking Feature

VK Creative Learning advanced LMS allows learning managers to develop, edit, allocate courseware, and publish e-learning content easily. The progress tracking feature in the LMS is based on the live data of the learner’s performance. This data can be used by the learning managers and the course designers to make further crucial decisions on refining the content of the e-learning courseware so as to match the learning style and pace of the learners. Furthermore, learning managers can analyse the data and work on the weaknesses of the workforce. Post this, considering the learning perspective set to achieve the objectives of the training program, the course designers can, accordingly, set the appropriate duration of the training program in the e-learning courseware to keep them engaged.

Hence the progress tracking feature of the LMS gives a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the course and helps the organisation to work on the content requirements so as to make it more engaging. This is very essential as utilising the performance data, impactful content can be created that works best for the workforce. Consequently, it allows the organisation to understand what kind of training program works for their trainees and accordingly, invest money on creating and modifying content in the e-learning solution. Thus, the progress tracking feature helps the organisation to reap the benefits of return on investment for the training programs, as the skill set of the trainees gradually starts to meet the training objectives set by the organisation.

Other distinguishing features of VKCL e-learning courseware’s LMS 

Since the content, organized systematically, finding the required content becomes easy. VKCL ensures that the e-learning content is engaging and the LMS offers a grading mechanism based on the performance of the learners throughout the training session and automatically prepares reports with progress analysis. Based on the performance of the learners, organisations can fine-tune the training program so as to improve the productivity of the workforce. The best aspect of e-learning courseware’s LMS is that it incorporates advanced authoring tools, with ready-to-use templates.

This proves to be highly beneficial for the learning managers and course designers as they can carry out a gamut of content creation and publishing operations to develop interactive and engrossing content. VKCL’s LMS is super easy to use, rich in features, and highly customizable, made for educational institutes, universities and small, medium and big corporations. Thus, VKCL’s LMS is an end-to-end Learning Management System that is innovative and smart to cater to all types of content management needs. 


January 30, 2021