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How VKCL makes use of blended and micro-learning methodologies to enhance the learning mechanism ?

October 24, 2020 news banner 73

Most of the students and working professionals feel that they can easily read and understand multiple topics of their interest and master them from some books in a week or two. However it is easier said than done, as many research studies show that learning and mastering a subject is a continuous process and it cannot be achieved within a span of one or two weeks, if the topic is complicated and very lengthy. To elaborate, it requires a lot of efforts and consistent revision to learn something. Having said this, revision of something can be done only if a person has understood the topic. Thus understanding itself is a major accomplishment to achieve the learning goals one has set. This is where VK Creative Learning’s (VKCL) e-learning solutions turn out to be beneficial. The e-learning solutions are smartly structured to ensure that learning is simplified through various learning techniques. The teaching methodologies include blended learning and micro-learning methodologies.

What is blended learning?

VKCL includes blended teaching technique in its e-learning solutions. The blended e-learning solution combines virtual instructor led training with e-learning courseware. In other words, it’s a hybrid learning system which merges the advantages of physical classroom with e-learning medium. Thus, the learners get to understand difficult topics, explained by the industry experts and learn from high quality learning materials. Additionally, the learners can discuss their doubts with the faculty and get detailed answers to their questions. VKCL develops blended e-learning solutions for children as well as working professionals.

What is Micro-Learning and why the technique was introduced in VKCL’s e-learning solutions?

One of the major hurdles while learning is the assimilation of complex concepts. Specifically, if the learners come across some intricate technical jargons which in itself require a lot of reading to understand, then keeping what was read previously and then again searching the meaning of the technical word in the internet or multiple books is a tough ask. Add to this the fact that learners retain only 20% to 30% of what they have learned. Keeping these problems in consideration, VKCL included the Micro-Learning in its e-learning solutions.

Micro-Learning deals with the problem of lengthy complicated concepts by breaking the complicated concept into small modules. Each module is hardly 5 to 10 minutes long. Thus learners can comprehend each complex topic more easily as the meaning of technical Jargon is explained in a small paragraph, followed by an explanation of a complex topic. This way connecting technical jargons with the respective topic becomes easy. Hence, VKCL focuses on specific learning outcomes through Micro-Learning teaching methodology that makes content impactful and appealing.

What are the other teaching methodologies used by VKCL to make learning interesting and immersive?

VKCL’s e-learning content goes beyond conventional teaching practises offering a complete e- learning package. To elaborate, e-learning solutions include 3-D and 2-D animation content and stimulation along with video lectures, delivered by the experts. 3D at 2-D animations enhances learning experience as visualisation becomes easy for the learners. They also capture the learner’s attention easily and aids in the thorough comprehension of the concepts. Furthermore, regular tests and assignments are included to test how well the learners have comprehended a subject and to test their learning progress.

October 24, 2020