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How VKCL Sparks Innovations in its Workplace and eLearning Solutions?

December 14, 2020 news banner 86

To build a highly reliable and robust e-learning solution, an eLearning company requires a squad of the highly experienced and ambitious workforce. Additionally, to spark an innovative environment, a talented workforce has to discuss, debate, and come out, positively, with common consent to create inspiring eLearning solutions. Although such an environment is observed in very few organisations around the world, it may be possible with wise leadership and management. In other words, smart, wise leadership and management with an emotional IQ can create such an atmosphere wherein any work tasks are taken as challenges and the team is passion-driven to achieve them. We can share these views with you because we, in VK Creative Learning (VKCL), have been following these simple and disciplined work ethics and styles. These initiatives have allowed us to create a highly successful, efficient, and talented work pool and create a niche for ourselves in the e-learning business space. 

How VKCL stays ahead in the eLearning business?

VKCL, an eLearning company and software consultant, with an experience of more than 10 years in the eLearning space has helped tons of organisations to develop practical eLearning solutions to address their training requirements. Also, we give special emphasis on the recruitment of a skilled workforce and integration of pedagogical training so that the workforce can work in tandem to meet business objectives and offer positive ROI. We work with an ambitious squad of innovative thinkers and skilled industry players, who have worked with small-scale, medium-sized, and large-sized global companies in a variety of roles. Through their experience and knowledge, we endeavour to create unparalleled, inspiring, and pioneering eLearning solutions, with a quick turnaround time. VKCL caters all types of eLearning solutions one can think of, such as eLearning courseware for corporate houses, various industries, schools, universities, institutes, and medical and engineering colleges. Our forte lies in developing customer-focused e-learning training course content - be it for mobiles, web-based or standalone solutions, apps, or AR/VR based learning devices.

Features of VKCL’s eLearning courseware

Easily understandable content capable of enhancing the knowledge skills: There are many research studies which indicate that using animations and simulations helps to enhance the learning capabilities of an individual. Thus, we create simplified content with the use of animations and simulations. Based on the budget of an organisation, we create two-dimensional or three-dimensional animated content. Also, VKCL includes detailed textual information with multiple diagrams and figures so that learning can be done in less time and without any learning issues. 

Centralised eLearning training through e-learning web-based solution or e-learning software: Training lectures can be conducted in any branch of the organisation and it can be uploaded in the intranet or distributed in various branch locations for training purpose. This step ensures that learners don’t have to come to the centralised office for the training.

User-friendly Learning Management System (LMS): VKCL’s well structured and user-friendly LMS Interface ensures that learning is easy as any topic or any content can be found easily with the well-organised dashboard in the LMS. Additionally, there are useful features such as learning progress track; quizzes, and assignments based on workplace scenarios. By keeping track of the learning developments and attempting quizzes, a learner will understand how to change his learning style so that the exam scores and learning skills improve.


December 14, 2020