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How VKCL uses blended learning in its e-learning solution to enhance learning and memory retention?

January 23, 2021 news banner 97

Why Blended Learning is the Future of Education?

Blended e-learning solution is a hybrid learning system which combines the benefits of online educational materials and teaching with traditional classroom methodologies to offer enhanced learning. After the outbreak of COVID-19, it has gained significant growth as it allows the learners to take advantage of the physical classroom session, sitting at home. In other words, a working professional or a student can attend the classroom session conducted by an experienced faculty, sitting at home, and without wasting the time that goes into travelling. Importantly, the blended form of teaching is not only about only training, but it also involves an exchange of ideas among students and doubts solving sessions, addressed by the faculty. All these facilities can be availed by the learners at a time and place of their convenience. 

VKCL’s blended e-learning solution to enhance learning and memory retention

VKCL develops a wide variety of blended e-learning solutions and offers its services to schools, institutes, universities, organisations, corporate companies, and various industries based on their requirements. Since it has been in the e-learning space for more than a decade, it has learned a lot and has become an experienced player in catering the exact e-learning solution that fits the needs of its client to the T.

VKCL specialises in developing custom e-learning course materials that are tailor-made after consulting the organisation. Additionally, it works with vastly experienced industry players so that the final customised e-learning solution is very specific pertaining to the requirements of the client. For the same, the subject matter specialists of VKCL discuss with various client’s in-house experts regarding various parameters for content development.

Specialised features of VKCL is blended e-learning solution

  • Personalized Learning
  • Higher engagement through microlearning for concept retention
  • Inclusion of artificial intelligence in the e-learning solution

Personalized Learning:
As aforementioned, VKCL offers customised e-learning solution which is very specific to the requirements of its clients. The major advantage of this being, teachers can conduct classes in a better way as animations, simulations, quizzes, and assignments are included in the e-learning solution. This personalised form of teaching significantly enhances the comprehension of the learners.

Higher engagement through microlearning for concept retention:
VKCL’s blended e-learning solution includes interactive and gaming elements in e-learning solution. This brings more interest among the learners as they find interactive and gaming elements more fun compared to traditional forms of learning. Microlearning methodology which involves breaking up a huge concept into small nuggets, in the form of videos of 5 to 10 minutes, helps the learners to understand the information easily. Each microlearning nugget contains animation and simulation in addition to video and text so that content visualisation is easier for the learners. This also ensures higher engagement and retention levels.

Inclusion of artificial intelligence in the e-learning solution:
Blended e-learning solution is optimised by the inclusion of A.I or “Artificial Intelligence”, which is a set of algorithms that mimics human intelligence. A.I maps and recognizes common patterns among them to predict possible outcome scenarios. This way an A.I accomplish specific complex tasks assigned to it. A.I is used to understand the learning pattern and behaviour of the learners and offer guidelines to bring improvement in the area of weakness.

January 23, 2021