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How VKCL uses cloud computing to offer quick and reliable e-learning solution services?

July 18, 2020 news banner 52

Gone are the times when working professionals or children have to go through dozens of books or surf on the internet for learning something. This has been possible due to the evolution of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, rapid authoring tools, multimedia resources, etc. In the present times, the learners only need to have access to Internet and e-learning solutions wherein they will get to access all the resources they require for learning something. However, many schools and companies are of the view that e-learning systems cost high when both hardware and software resources are taken into consideration. Cloud computing solves this problem, as it offers a wide range of computing virtual resources with dynamic scalability through the internet. The resources can be in the form of various types of applications, infrastructure segments and services, data storage, content, and network servers. Importantly, these features are available on demand at an economical cost.

How VKCL’s E-learning solutions and cloud computing e-learning services help schools and corporate companies?

VKCL believes that the advantages of learning through e-learning solutions far outweigh the physical classroom learning sessions. The reason for this being, be it children or working professionals, all can learn at a place and time of their convenience. More importantly, the learners get access to a host of different types of content through VKCL’s LMS platform which includes three-dimensional and two-dimensional animated content, simulations, video lectures, quizzes to test their knowledge, and PPTs and PDFs. Additionally, the yesteryear’s way of storing data becomes difficult after a certain point of time, since a huge pile of content gets accumulated within a period of 7 to 10 years. VKCL identified these aspects of content creation and storage problems that become difficult to handle with time; especially, considering the cost factor. Thus VKCL offers cloud computing-based e-learning solutions or customised e-learning solutions which can be accessed over Learning Management System (LMS) wherein all the required data and learning resources are available to the colleges, institutions, universities, schools, corporate companies or any kind of organisations that require e-learning solution. This way due to the availability of the required resources, the cost comes down considerably to an affordable range for them. Besides the cost factor, the use of cloud computing-based e-learning solutions gives them flexibility in terms of accessibility, storage, and processing of data

Advantages of VKCL’s e-learning solutions based on cloud computing

1. Cloud computing-based e-learning solutions increase productivity and performances. This is possible as the learners don’t have to waste their time waiting for the physical tutor, as all the required information with animated content, simulations, PDFs and PPTs and progress reports are available online. These features not only speed up the learning capacity of the learners but also help them to understand the content thoroughly.

2. The e-learning solution improves retention of the concepts for a longer period as different forms of content such as three-dimensional animation and simulations along with video lectures are used to explain various concepts.

3. The customised e-learning solutions help schools and organisations to personalise the content as per the learning style and pace of the children and working professionals. The personalised content helps them to get an in-depth understanding about the concepts they are learning.


July 18, 2020