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Identifying and Addressing the Challenges of the Retail Industry

June 04, 2022 news banner 227

From rapid development to significant employee turnover, the retail industry has always been confronted with distinct obstacles. In recent years, though, it has become increasingly more challenging. Clearly, retail has struggled to adapt after Covid-19, since a record number of employees have left the industry and some establishments have closed. Thus, L&D must take the initiative if companies are to build the skills they need to survive and prosper. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is by using a retail eLearning training solution which can be used to train retail employees on regular basis.

The greatest obstacles confronting the retail business

The pandemic has altered the ways in which we live, work, and, of course, shop. Changes that had been anticipated for years unexpectedly accelerated and posed three significant problems for the retail industry.

Rapidly altering business climate

The retail sector is a highly dynamic environment impacted by shifting trends and relentless promotion. For retailers to preserve their competitive advantage, they must be able to pivot swiftly when trend shifts in a new direction and/or when rivals implement new marketing strategies. Decisions taken at the corporate headquarters must be swiftly disseminated and executed in order to maintain market dominance.

A retail eLearning platform may be an excellent tool for disseminating information about new products, sales strategies, marketing strategies, and other vital information to employees.

When developing a training plan for your retail business, it is essential to choose an eLearning development company that can develop retail eLearning resources as per the business requirements. The assistance of a competent eLearning developer may make a substantial difference in the efficacy and return on investment of your training programs.


High staff turnover has long been an issue for the retail sector. In recent years, after the Covid pandemic, a record number of individuals have left the sector. Filling all of these positions has proven to be difficult.

According to a research study, 83 percent of shops struggle to find the appropriate employees. Turnover affects the organization's morale and productivity, as well as the morale and productivity of individuals and teams, shops, and enterprises.

By providing frequent training via e-learning sessions, employees may be kept abreast of the most recent retail industry trends, therefore increasing their promotion prospects within the organization. This would prevent them from quitting the organization.

Emerging skill shortages

Whether it's via automated checkout lines or Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven product suggestions, new technologies are reshaping retail experiences. A research study reveals that almost nine out of 10 retail managers currently see these talent gaps or anticipate their emergence during the next five years. This makes it a necessity for the workforce to get acquainted with the latest technologies. 

By providing frequent retail e-learning training sessions as needed, the skills gap may be addressed. This will guarantee that the managers had the abilities necessary for corporate growth and staff management.

Why embracing e-learning in retail makes sense?

One of the benefits of e-learning courses is that they are simple to implement since there are no time or location restrictions. It is the responsibility of businesses to identify training programs that are consistently offered and updated with the most recent knowledge on new products or rules.
For example, knowledge about products is essential for retail salespeople to make efficient sales and respond to consumer inquiries. In these situations, product training is essential. Effective staff training may be achieved by providing product knowledge in the form of microlearning units that can be viewed or downloaded on mobile devices. This allows staff to easily access this information prior to making a sales proposal.

How can the L&D team ensure their employees receive proper training?

The first step is to determine your workforce's desires and needs. Next, you must put this retail information and insight in an eLearning course. This would help to pass on these essential and meaningful learning experiences to all workforce. We have provided some eLearning learning trends that will assist you further in achieving your training objective.

Use of microlearning in an eLearning platform

Most of L&D professionals have cited microlearning as the most effective strategy for their firm. Microlearning is a process wherein big chunks of complex information are broken down into small understandable informational units. This way retail eLearning training materials become concise and to-the-point in order to accommodate operations on crowded store floors. Ensure these microlearning experiences are structured in a manner that ensures their effectiveness to learners.

Utilize video to its fullest potential

It's unsurprising that 41% of learning executives are focusing on video learning, given that retail employees are requesting more of it. Whether it's for knowledge sharing or conveying customer tales, user-generated videos are a fast and simple method to distribute the material. In addition, they offer your staff a voice and promote peer learning.

Do you have questions or would like to know more about our video learning examples? Check out our eLearning training options for retail employees.

Easily accessible content 

The rising fear of recent years has had a significant impact on retail employees. Many research studies have revealed that health concerns of employees would be a big factor for employees when it comes to training. In other words, not all would like to travel to attend a training session at the central office. Here is where a retail eLearning session scores over the classroom training sessions, as it allows employees to take up training sessions from the comfort of their homes.

Summing up:

The challenges faced by the retail industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic are many. Retail eLearning solutions like the one offered by VK Creative Learning can help to overcome most training challenges, as training through eLearning is fast and easy. For more details on retail eLearning courses or to talk to our specialist, contact us.

June 04, 2022