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Importance of creating versatile and smart eLearning solutions

December 07, 2020 news banner 84

As per a research study, the use of e-learning courseware has been increasing every year. It is estimated that the global e-learning market will touch a staggering total market value of more than $300 billion. One of the main reasons for e-learning solution’s impressive growth is that organisations believe e-learning increases the output of the employees exceptionally and reduces employee training time by more than 40%. Importantly, the noticeable aspect of reducing training time is that it allows the employees to focus on their primary work tasks. Additionally compared to the conventional form of training, the e-learning platform has been observed by the research studies to be more effective. To be specific, the effectiveness comes in the form of easily understandable content, fast training, reduced training time, and higher knowledge retention. These factors make e-learning solutions the best option for training rather than traditional forms of training.

Smart eLearning solutions

Though e-learning solutions seem to be the ideal answer for training the employees, considering the time constraints, things can go wrong with training sessions if any factors involving content creation are not in place. To elaborate, the content has to be made in such a way that it is easy for the learners to understand quickly, considering they may not have much time to invest after office hours. The single discouraging factor that may hinder a working professional’s learning ability is continuous 10 to 14 work hours, which brings in mental tiredness. Even if these working professionals put in a lot of time during weekends, (assuming its holiday), it may be difficult for them to understand everything in a single day. This is where a smart e-learning solution which takes care of all kinds of possible problems that a working professional may face may stand out to deliver the desired results. VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one of the well-known and reliable players which have been developing all forms of e-learning solutions based on the exact requirements of the industrial and corporate organisations. 

Features of smart VKCL’s eLearning solutions 


VKCL has worked hard for a decade to develop exceptional e-learning solution’s content in such a way that it augurs well with the learning styles of the working professionals.

  1. Simplified and enhanced content: The content has to be simplified using animated content and simulations. However only by introducing animations and simulations things may not be solved. VKCL uses both two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations with textual information in such a way that the simplified content suits the learning pace and style of the learners. The simulations are created keeping in mind that the learners can implement whatever concepts they have learnt from animations in the various simulated work processes that mimic the implementation of various concepts in daily life. 
  2. Learning management system (LMS): VKCL’s LMS are well-structured and easy to understand at one go. VKCL’s user-friendly LMS makes it easy for the learners to find out the desired topic from the e-learning content and assists them to be aligned with the organization’s business growth objectives.
  3. Worldwide training: No matter in which country the employees are located, organisations can conduct the training sessions of different offices, located worldwide. Thus, the reliance on the instructor from the central office to deliver the course is eliminated.
  4. Additional features: Learning progress track; quizzes, and assignments based on workplace scenarios.


December 07, 2020