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Incorporating Edtech into Customized E-Learning Solutions

October 27, 2021 news banner 175

Compared to last year, the covid-19 scenario has completely altered how education is conducted. The use of education technology (EdTech) in online courses has increased dramatically in recent years. EdTech has been a lifesaver for instructors and kids in the COVID-19 scenario, enabling them to shift overnight to a new teaching style. For this reason, educational content development companies in India have found it to be a superior option for developing more intelligent and user-friendly e-learning platforms. Similarly, it's been a godsend for educators, providing a slew of new teaching resources to make it easier for pupils to learn.

Academic and K-12 e-learning solutions from VKCL are creative and engaging.

EDTECH company aims to create e-learning solutions that are both distinctive and practical. VK Creative Learning (VKCL) is one such EdTech organization and one of the best eLearning content development companies in India. It believes in creating eLearning courses to challenge students to go beyond what they would normally study in school. It develops application-based e-learning solutions that are tailored to the individual learning needs of each learner.

Educators from the business, multimedia experts, Subject Matter Experts, experienced programmers, and many more specialists are employed for the same purposes by the company. Other methods such as sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, crosscutting ideas, and three-dimensional learning are integrated into the courseware by us to provide high-quality and 360° learning experiences for the learners. These measurements also encourage students to approach problem-solving from a scientific perspective, which leads to new ways of thinking. To elaborate, students are required to investigate, evaluate, comprehend, and solve real-world issues, all of which aid in the retention of new knowledge.

Why do we concentrate on futuristic e-learning courseware?

We intend to create innovative e-learning solutions to reach every corner of India and the world. This would allow students to get the best education and to learn from anywhere at their convenience. It intends to tap the potential of expanding the Indian digital market due to the growth of smartphones, tablet users, and increasing penetration of the internet into small towns.
When it comes to e-learning solutions, we utilize cutting-edge technical advancements and new-age technology platforms to help students perform better. Different ideas may be explained with the use of two and three-dimensional and virtual reality or augmented reality e-learning solutions, simulations, and similar tools. 

Students like seeing e-learning animations or entering a new virtual environment full of knowledge since they end up fully understanding the ideas. Virtual laboratories are a fascinating feature of e-learning courseware since they allow students to conduct experiments to better understand how ideas are used in the real world. Academic e-learning systems include a user interface that is straightforward and simple to use.

eLearning solutions for academics and K-12 institutions 

VKCL, a renowned and recognized eLearning content development company in India, strives to provide schools with the finest e-learning solutions that are both educational and inspirational. They create e-learning material for K-12 curricula, as well as content for tablets, mobiles, augmented reality, and virtual reality devices, among other things.

Using various taxonomies based on Indian and worldwide curricular standards, our assessment experts connect data. This mapping method aids in the development of engaging material for a broad range of boards, such as STATE, CBSE, ICSE, CAMBRIDGE, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Common Core-based on US standards - whether it is elementary, middle, or high school.

October 27, 2021